The Andromeda Cloth is one of the 48 Bronze Cloths worn by the weakest of Athena's Saints. It is mostly known for the legendary chains, which can sense all enemy movements.

The right square chain is used for attack, and the left circle chain is used for defence.

Shun is awarded this Cloth after defeating his rivals and undergoing the sacrifice succesfully.

His Cloth has changed appearance three times.

Version 1

His first Cloth fully covers his chestplate, and most of his legs are covered. Unlike the other Bronze Saints, Shun does not have a kilt or belt around his waist, as it is covered by his chestplate.

He has huge shoulderplates on each side of his Cloth, covering most of his arms, his lower arms are almost covered, and he has a helmet.

Version 2

His second Cloth offers less protection, with the leg protection reaching his knees, the shoulders retain the same design and offer the same amount of protection.

The armguards slightly change shape, the helmet is replaced by a headpiece, the chestplate offers less protection and a small belt has been added around the waist. The chains also receive a small change in appearance.

Shun's new Cloth will glow like a Gold Cloth and receive strengths equal to the Gold Cloths when Shun reaches his Seventh Sense. This is due to Aldebaran, one of the surviving Gold Saints giving his blood and Cosmo while reviving the Bronze Cloth.

Version 3

Shun's third Cloth is born after receiving some of Athena's blood. This version slightly changes the shape of the headpiece, the leg protection offers more body protection while the chestplate, armguards and belt slightly changes in appearance.