Black Pegasus
Black Pegasus is Seiya's evil counterpart, sharing the same appearance and Cloth as Seiya but with a black and evil color. He is one of the four Black Saint Kings serving Ikki during his quest to steal the Gold Cloth.


Black Pegasus shares the same appearance as Seiya, although his hair has a more black color in contrast to Seiya's brown hair, including the eyebrows. His eyes seem to have a more grey color.

His casual clothes has not been revealed, but he wears a completely black outfit while wearing his Cloth.

Black Saints


Black Pegasus ambush Seiya shortly after receiving his repaired Pegasus Cloth. As the two Pegasus Saints clash, Black Pegasus unleash his "Black Ryu Sei Ken", seemingly defeating Seiya easily. However, he is still standing after taking 7 or 8 of the attack, horryfying Black Pegasus before retaliating with his own "Ryu Sei Ken".

Refusing to accept defeat, Black Pegasus once more unleash his technique which manages to hit Seiya, but he is viciously beaten by Seiya at the same time. However, before dying, he taunts Seiya about the effects of the Black Terror before succumbing to his wounds.


Being one of the four strongest Black Saints, Black Pegasus' Cosmo may rival the Cosmo of the Bronze Saints, maybe even surpassing them slightly as he managed to withstand several blows from Seiya before falling for the Bronze Saint.


Black Ryu Sei Ken: A similar technique to Seiya's "Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken". However, as a Black Saint, the meteors launched instead have a black color, most likely 84 meteors pr. second like Seiya.

However, Black Pegasus' attack also features an effect that will later affect the opponent, known as the Black Terror. Those struck with the "Black Ryu Sei Ken", will suffer several black marks on their body which slowly increases in size, causing great pain to the opponent before they are completely covered and thus, close to death.


Black Pegasus wears the exact same Cloth as Seiya, although this carries an evil appearance with its black color. It covers the same amount as Seiya's Cloth, but the outfit he wears beneath his Cloth features black sleeves, unlike Seiya's red outfit.

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