Black Saint Kings
The Black Saints are former Saints who were stripped of their title by Athena as they used their powers for their own personal gains, eventually turning to a life of crime, violence and murder.

Possessing Cloths similar to the original Cloths worn by Athena's Saints, the Black Cloths are made without Athena's permission, therefore not having her blessing as the Black Cloths are easily destroyed by the Bronze Saints' attacks

At first, they swear allegiance to Ikki as he ventures to steal the Gold Cloth from the Graude Foundation in order to rule the world. They later swear allegiance to Jango as he takes over Death Queen Island after Ikki's leave, eventually facing defeat by the Bronze Saints during their final confrontation at Death Queen Island.

The most powerful among the Black Saints are the four Black Saint Kings whose Cloths are the evil counterparts of the Bronze Cloths of Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun.

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