Omega Saints

Souma, Yuna, Koga, Eden, Ryuho and Haruto awoken to the Macro Cosmo, receiving the Omega Cloth

During the era of Omega, a new generation of 
Bronze Saints prepare themselves for their duty to defend Athena and the world, and the Legendary Saints give them all the aid they can get. Just like Seiya and his friends before them, Koga, Souma, Yuna, Ryuho, Haruto and Eden have managed to attain their 7th sense during the violent battle against Mars and the Gold Saints who defended him. Unlike the originial series, the Cloths are now stored in small Clothstone-jewels, elements have been added, further enhancing the Saints' powers, and the shape of the Cloths have changed, covering more of the body than before.


During the battle against Pallas, they met Subaru who had a huge Cosmo in spite of not having awoken his 7th sense. As they battle Gallia, the Bronze Saints manage to awaken the legendary Cosmo known as Omega, a powerful Cosmo which is said to equal the power of a god. During the battle against Hyperion, Koga and his friends manage to awaken the Ultimate Omega Cosmo, further enhancing their Cloths and changing shape, adding more body protection, as well as wings and golden inlays. In final battle against Saturn, Koga receives the Super Omega Cloth, with the Cosmo of every single Saint who participated in the battle.

The Bronze Saints

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