The God Cloths are the unique class of Cloths worn by Athena Saints which have existed since ancient mythology. Once a Cloth has been bestowed the blood of Athena, they gain godlike abilites and are able to transform into the ultimate level of Cloth which surpasses Gold Cloths and minor gods

One trait with all God Cloths seen in the anime, is that they all have large wings on the back with several golden inlays on the Cloth. They also seem to cover slightly more of the Saint's body than a Gold Cloth.

During the latest series "Soul of Gold", it is revealed that after the battles during the twelve Houses and Poseidon that Athena blessed some of the Gold Cloths with her tears, allowing them to become temporarily God Cloths, while Aioria's Cloth is able to achieve this miracle through Aioros' gemstone blessed by Athena.

During the Gold Saints' final battle against Loki, however, flower petals covered by Athena's blood surround all twelve Gold Saints which allows them to burn their Cosmo beyond human capabilites and achieve true God Cloths.

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