The God Warriors are warriors sworn to defend the northern lands of Asgard from any evil force seeking to destroy them. These warriors are bestowed the mighty God Robes which will grant its wearer immense power and the strength to protect those they care about in the world. Each God Warrior has a blue gem in their God Robe, known as the Odin Sapphire.

The God Warriors may not possess the same training as Saints have, as most are criminals or nobles living ordinary lives in Asgard, but the God Robes may be the source of their protection and powers, allowing them to perform miracles at superhuman levels. Their Cosmo may rival Gold Saints, although some God Warriors may perhaps be able to burn their Cosmo beyond.

During the new "Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold" series, 7 new warriors loyal to Andreas are given God Robes with Odin Sapphires to combat the Gold Saints who have recently been revived in Asgard by an unknown presence.

After the Gold Saints' succesful mission to destroy the three exposed points of the Great Root, Andreas bestows the God Warriors with new Odin Sapphires which will allow them to overpower the God Cloths.


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