The Omega Saints are those who managed to awaken the ultimate Cosmo, which lies beyond the 7th sense. There are several levels of the Omega.


Bronze Saints Omega

Yuna, Koga, Souma, Ryuho, Eden and Haruto awoken to the Omega Cosmo

The first level of Omega is mostly referred to as a doorstep to Omega, as it greatly increases the durability of the Cloth, and adds slightly differences on the Cloth's design. Koga, Souma, Ryuho, Yuna, Haruto and Eden awoke this level of Omega during their battle against Gallia. As long as they're in the Omega Cosmo, several changes in their Cloths are seen: Koga receives wings, Souma and Haruto receives claws on their feet, Yuna's wings spread more out, Ryuho receives a whip from his shield, and Eden receives a thunder-like coat. This Cosmo allowed the Bronze Saints to defeat Gallia, however, they were no match for Hyperion, the strongest Class 1-Pallasite who easily destroyed their Bronze Cloths, leaving them. Refusing to stand down and accept defeat, they kept standing up, burning their Cosmo in order to defeat their enemy.

Ultimate Omega

Bronze Saints Ultimate Omega

Yuna, Koga, Souma, Ryuho, Eden and Haruto awoken to the Macro Cosmo

As they kept burning their Cosmo, and Hyperion was about to kill Subaru, the Bronze Saints gathered their Cosmo and awoke the Macro Cosmo. As such, they were given the Omega Cloths, which was far more powerful than even a Gold Cloth. These Cloths look similar to the God Cloths, but they are totally different. Each of the Omega Cloths have large wings and golden inlays. With these Cloths they were able to defeat Hyperion at last, before making way to the throne room of Pallas. However, these Cloths also met their demise by Saturn.

Super Omega

Koga True Omega Cloth

Koga awoken to the Super Omega

As all the Saints were defeated one by one, Saturn went to sleep. However, Koga was stll alive, but unable to move because of the immense power Saturn hit him with. But all hope was still not out. As Athena grabbed her staff, every single Saint sent their last, remaining Cosmo to Koga. As Saturn witnessed a bright light, Koga once more rose up, now clad in a totally new and different Omega Cloth with a bright golden color and enormous wings, as it had everyone's Cosmo in it. WIth this Cloth, Koga would finally be able to fight Saturn equally as he swore he would win.

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