Centaurus Babel
Babel is one of the Silver Saints sent to defeat the Bronze Saints.


Babel has fiery red hair, dark red eyebrows and black eyes.

A dark red outfit is visible while wearing his Cloth, but during his short appearance, his casual outfit is not seen


Babel is very confident in victory and also very ruthless as he mercilessly attacks the Bronze Saints with wave after wave of flames. It is after his defeat and briefly before his death he realizes what true care for others means, being shown mercy from Athena before dying in peace.

Hyoga/Seiya/Steel Saints

He makes his apperance as the Bronze Saints learn of Saori's existence as Athena. Babel attacks with several waves of his flames and easily avoids the attack of the exhausted Seiya, but suffers a surprise attack from the Steel Saints, before facing defeat from the cold force of Hyoga's "Aurora Thunder Attack".

In his last dying moments, Babel witness the gentle Cosmo of Athena who allows him to die in peace.

Powers and Abilities


Being a Silver Saint, Babel is able to launch attacks at a speed varying between Mach 2 and Mach 5


Fotia Roufihtra: Babel sends huge balls of fire against his opponents, setting them on fire as well.


Babel wears the Centaurus Silver Cloth, which has a higher endurance than a Bronze Cloth. It offers good protection for Babel's body as it fully covers the lower parts of his arms, leg-protection reaching to the knees, a wide chestplate that covers his upper chest, and from each end of the chestplate, wide shoulderplates. As a Silver Cloth, it has a detailed silver color.

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