Babel Specter
Babel is the former Centaurus Silver Saint who was killed in battle against Hyoga, but later returns as a Specter revived by Hades.


When he is resurrected by Hades, his hair now has a dark red color, his skin is more pale and his suit has become more dark purple.


After his resurrection, it seems as Babel is ready for a second round with Hyoga, but after being defeated reveals his true intentions as he entrust Athena to Hyoga and the other Bronze Saints.


As the Holy War begins between Athena and Hades, Babel is one of the Silver Saints resurrected by the God of the Underworld, travelling to Siberia with Misty and Moses in order to kill Hyoga. However, after the Cygnus Saint easily defeats all three of them, they reveal that they actually came to entrust Athena's care to him and warn him of the Holy War.



Centaurus Surplice

When Babel was resurrected by the power of Hades, his former Centaurus Cloth received small changes in appearance when it was worn as a Surplice. The shoulders now seemed to be smaller than the Silver Cloth version, his armguards have also become smaller, but still offers the same protection. As it is a Surplice, it now has a powerful color of black, rather than silver.

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