Cepheus Albiore
Albiore is the Cepheus Silver Saint and Shun's mentor while he trained in order to retrieve the Cloth from Andromeda Island. An honorable man said to be just as strong as a Gold Saint, Albiore is a good leader-figure for the students training to be Saints on Andromeda Island.


Albiore has blonde hair and eyebrows, and blue eyes

His casual outfit is never revealed, but he wears a red outfit beneath his Cloth.



When Andromeda Island is attacked by Miro, Albiore challenges him to a one-on-one duel. Battling the Gold Saint with an immense strength, Cepheus is caught of guard by one of Aphrodite's roses, leaving him vulnerable to Miro's attack, which cost him his life.


Albiore wears the Cepheus Silver Cloth. Unlike other Silver Cloths, this Cloth actually covers almost the same amount of the Saint's body as a Gold Cloth. It has a wonderful color of both dark and light blue.


Not much is known about Albiore, but according to June, Albiore's strength is able to easily rival a powerful Gold Saint such as Miro.

Had Aphrodite not interfered in their fight, it is unknown whether Albiore of Miro would have won the battle when the Gold Saint attacked Andromeda Island.

His death was later avenged by Shun when he killed Aphrodite during the battle of the twelve Houses.