Cloths are the protection the Saints wear when they fight against powerful opponents.

The Cloths are divided in four ranks:

In the era of Omega, the Cloths seem to have changed shape after a mysterious comet fell to the earth during the fight between the Bronze Saints and the Martians. After the impact, the Cloths now have taken the power of elements like water, fire, thunder, wind, earth, darkness and light and were stored inside small Clothstones rather than in the Clothbox from the original series.

  • Bronze Cloths

  • Gold Cloths
  • Omega Cloths
    • During the battle against Gallia, the Bronze Saints start to grasp the power of Omega, adding small changes on their Cloths: Koga (wings), Souma (claws at the feet), Yuna (improved wings), Ryuho (dragon whip at his shield), Haruto (claws at the feet), and Eden (mantle).
  • Omega Cloths V2
    • As the Bronze Saints fight Hyperion, their Cloths are in the end totally destroyed by the Class 1-Pallasite. However, their refuse to either surrender or die, allows the young Saints to achieve the Macro Cosmo, awakening their true Omega Cloths. These Cloths retain the Bronze Cloth colors, adding more protection as well and golden inlays.
  • ​Super Omega
    • ​As all the Saints are defeated by Saturn, all hope seems lost until Athena has all the Saints give their Cosmo to Koga, bestowing him the true Cosmo of Omega. This Cloth has a similar appearance to his former Omega Cloth, although it has a larger set of heavenly wings, a powerful golden shine along with blue gems, and a Cosmo beyond imagination, able to rival Saturn.

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