The Dragon Cloth is one of the 48 Bronze Cloths worn by Athena's Saints. In addition to possessing great physical strength, Shiryū owns one of the most durable Bronze Cloths. Having spent the last two and a half centuries under the mineral-rich waterfall of Lushan, it is harder than diamonds. It is also legendary for the shield on its left arm and its right gauntlet, endowed with powerful piercing capabilities, which have earned the Cloth its nickname as "the strongest fist and shield".

His Cloth has changed several times during the series.

Version 1Edit

Shiryu's first Cloth has a powerful color of emerald green which covers his legs up to the knees, a kilt to protect his waist, chestplate that covers his upper chest and a helmet to protect the head.

On his left arm resides a large shield with extraordinary durability, known as the most powerful shield in the world, while his right arm is known as the strongest fist.

Version 2Edit

Shiryu's second Cloth has a more dark green color and covers less of his body. The kilt has been replaced by a belt, the leg armor covers mostly the front part of his legs, the chestplate changes design, the helmet is replaced by a headgear and the armguards receive a slight change in appearance.

During the battle against Krishna, Shiryu's Cloth start to shine like a Gold Cloth, revealing that the Gold Saints enhanced the Cloths' durability with their blood as they were revived


Version 3Edit

During the battle against Hades, Shiryu's Cloth was revived by the blood of Athena. This final Cloth offers more protection as the belt slightly changes appearance, the chest changes in design and covers slightly more.

The armguards change in appearance, slight changes are added to the headgear and the legs receive further protection.