Dragon Shiryu
Shiryū is the Dragon Bronze Saint and one of Seiya's friends. He was awarded his Dragon Cloth after he was able to reverse the waterfalls after 7 years of training at the Rozan Five Old Peaks.

He greatly respects his master Libra Dohko, from whom he learned not only how to use his Cosmo to fight, but also fundamental wisdom for life.


Shiryu has long, black hair, and blue eyes.

When he does not wear his Cloth, Shiryu wears a very light purple dress and black shoes.

During the war against Hades, Shiryu has white wristbands on his upper arms while wearing his Cloth.

His civilian clothing is replaced by a beige, sleeveless outfit while wearing the first version of his Cloth. However, while wearing the second and third versions of his Cloth, he wears a black outfit instead.


Out of the five main characters from Saint Seiya, Shiryū is considered the calmest and most collected, being both wise and mature in his actions.

Shiryū, despite his young age, is indeed a powerful Saint, almost as strong as Ikki in power, having won several battles without his Cloth. During his fight against Seiya, he shows a more arrogant personality, boasting about his fist and shield being unbeatable.

After their battle, Shiryū reveals a much more caring personality as he joins Seiya, Hyoga, Shun and later Ikki during their battles to defend Athena.

Among the five main characters, Shiryū is the one who removes his Cloth the most in order reach the full extent of his Cosmo, risking his life for the sake of victory against his opponent.

Galaxian Wars

When he finally earn the Dragon Cloth, Shiryu travels to Japan and fight in the Galaxian Wars in order to win the Gold Cloth.


Shiryu have the upper hand during most of the fight, thanks to his legendary shield on his left arm and his right arm which is said to be "the strongest fist". However, Shiryu is suprised when Seiya recovers after receiving the Rozan Sho Ryu Ha, before retaliating with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, although with little effect as Shiryu blocks all the meteors with ease.

However, Seiya manages to trick Shiryu into breaking his own shield and fist by charging straight at the Dragon, but at the risk of further wounding himself. Stating that he has no need for his Cloth now that both his weapon and shield have been destroyed, Shiryu removes the upper part of his Cloth, and Seiya does the same in order to fight him equally.

Fighting without their Cloths, Shiryu lose in the end as Seiya manages to find his weakness, and slowly dies due to being hit directly at his heart. He is revived by the Pegasus who strikes him with the same force in the back, reviving Shiryu and resulting in an everlasting friendship.

Black Saints

Right after the match between Shun and Jabu reaches a finale, Ikki arrives and steals the Gold Cloth, prompting Seiya, Shun, Shiryu and Hyoga to work together in order to defeat Ikki and his Black Saints.

Black Dragon

Shiryu arrives to aid his friends after having his and Seiya's Cloths repaired from the damage they suffered in battle. Arriving in time to rescue Shun from Black Dragon, Shiryu engages his evil counterpart and seems to have an equal fight until Black Dragon starts wounding him.

Due to Shiryu having sacrificed 1/3 of his blood to repair the Cloths, Shiryu is slower to react in battle and is almost killed by Black Dragon's attacks. However, Shiryu disobeys his master's orders and retaliates with a Rozan Sho Ryu Ha, which finally grants Shiryu victory. In return moments before his death, Black Dragon stops Shiryu's bleeding, having recognized Shiryu's sacrifice for the sake of his friends.


Now gathered once more, the four Bronze Saints are unsuccesful in having Ikki surrender, who simply retaliates by first attacking Hyoga with the Phoenix Genma Ken which is reflected, before later unleashing his ultimate technique Hô Yoku Tenshô which knocks out the four of them.

When Seiya manages to finally defeat Ikki, the Bronze Saints learn that something is happening in the Sanctuary. As Docrates attacks the Bronze Saints, Ikki almost fall down the mountain as it splits, but Shun grabs the Phoenix and laments that he does not wish to lose his brother again.

When the two brothers embrace for a brief moment, Ikki attacks Docrates and sacrifice himself, much to Shun's horror. Swearing to avenge Ikki by reclaiming the Gold Cloth, the Bronze Saints mourn their friend before leaving.


Docrates survives the avalanche however, and makes way to the Kido Mansion where he easily overpowers Shun, Shiryu and Hyoga despite their efforts. Despite Seiya's arrival he retreats with Saori and Tatsumi.

The Bronze Saints agrees to split up, with Shiryu and Kiki heading to Death Valley to recover the other parts of the Gold Cloth, Hyoga recovering the mask, while Seiya and Shun face Docrates in order to save Saori and Tatsumi.

While Seiya, Shun and Hyoga fights Docrates, Shiryu and Kiki venture to the Death Valley to get the other parts. But as they arrive, the parts have already been taken by Ares.


After Docrates' defeat, the Pope begins sending several assassins to kill the Bronze Saints and retrieve the Gold Cloth.

Ghost Saints

When they learn of a large oil tanker at sea having been taken over by a trio of Ghost Saints, the Bronze Saints rush to the tanker to face their new enemy. They are unsuccesful as the Ghost Saints are able to retreat due to their master Gheist's illusions.

Heading to the Skull Island where the Ghost Saints reside, they are split up as Hyoga exhaust himself from battling Sea Serpent and then being stung by several bugs. Resuming their journey, Shiryu is separated when he dives into water in order to escape a pack of bats before he is electrocuted.

He later recovers along with Shun and Hyoga and they salute Seiya when he emerges from the fortress with the mask of the Gold Cloth.

The Silver Saints

After the Flame Saint is defeated by Ikki who revives from the flames, the Pope begins sending Silver Saints to eliminate Seiya and his friends, as well as retrieve the Gold Cloth.


When Seiya, Shun and Shiryu travel to search for the Sanctuary, they are ambushed by Shaina, Argol and Spartan who use telekinesis to bring their plane down. Facing Spartan, Shiryu is unable to charge at the Silver Saint, being easily knocked down at every attempt.

When Seiya defeats Shaina, Argol tries to make a run after Shaina but Shun tries to stop him, only for the Silver Saint to use the Medusa Shield in order to turn the Bronze Saint to stone.

With Seiya charging at Argol next, he informs the two remaining Bronze Saints about his shield which turned Shun into stone, before attacking Seiya and Shiryu with the shield.


While Seiya is turned to stone, Shiryu is still unaffected, due to blocking the effects of the shield with his own Dragon shield. Being the two remaining combatants, they fight in order to find out which shield is the strongest among them.

Executing a powerful Rozan Sho Ryu Ha, Shiryu is shocked to see Argol still standing without as much as a scratch, due to Shiryu being forced to look away in order to not stare at the shield, lowering the effect of his attack.

Retaliating, Argol is giving Shiryu a troublesome fight until Spartan suddenly arrives behind him and tries to restrain him and give Argol a chance to turn the Dragon to stone. However, Shiryu is able to wrestle himself loose and jump out of the way just in time for Spartan to be turned to stone instead.

When the two Saints resume their battle, Shiryu attempts to attack Argol while covering his eyes with a piece of his outfit in order to not look at the shield. However, his arm is instead turned into stone, and he is unable to block Argol's Ra's Al Ghûl Gorgonio, which leaves him wounded.

Being close to death, the Steel Saints arrive in order to save him and they battle Argol for a brief moment, until they are also defeated by his technique. Refusing to give up the fight, Shiryu pierces his eyes in order to totally ignore the effects of the Medusa Shield, blinding himself.

Argol strikes in anger for Shiryu's recklessnes, while he states that he can still see Argol and finally release a Rozan Sho Ryu Ha which is able to defeat Argol, who dies of his wounds shortly after.


Unable to see, Shiryu accompanies Shunrei back to the Five Old Peaks where he rest and tries several cures in order for his eyes to recover, but with no succesful effect.

One day, Shiryu and Shunrei ventures down to the waterfalls where Shunrei decides to take a bath before the strong waves grab her. Out of nowhere, an unseen man dives into the water and rescues Shunrei, before introducing himself to Shiryu as Ouko, a former training partner who trained with Shiryu before and was expelled because of his violent training.

Resenting Shiryu for always being the one who follows orders, Ouko tries to fight Shiryu, but Shunrei intervenes by mentioning Shiryu being blind. Ouko stops fighting and instead leaves, stating that he does not wish to fight a half-dead opponent.

Angered, Shiryu tries to sharpen his senses in order to fight Ouko in spite of having lost his eyesight, by listening to the area around him and use it to his advantage. He later puts down his Dragon Cloth box in front of his master, stating that it will wait for it's true owner as he ventures to face Ouko and accept his challenge.

At the waterfalls, Ouko is awaiting Shiryu and covers his eyes with a piece of cloth before they start exchanging blows, with Ouko gaining the upper hand due to his more violent training and sharp nails resembling tiger claws.

However, after a violent battle, Shiryu uses his Rozan Sho Ryu Ha and is finally granted victory as Ouko dies from his wounds, acknowledging Shiryu as a true and just Saint.

With their battle over, Shiryu decides to rest for a while, entrusting Seiya and the others to defend Athena and the Gold Cloth.

The Gold Saints

Upon Pope Ares' decision to send the Gold Saints to eliminate the Bronze Saints and retrieve the Gold Cloth, Shiryu is shocked when Dohko informs him of the total amount of twelve Gold Cloths existing.


When Deathmask arrives to kill Dohko, Shiryu challenges the Gold Saint and is easily outmatched by the immense speed and Cosmo of his opponent. After he equips his own Cloth he is able to send Deathmask flying with the Rozan Sho Ryu Ha, impressing Dohko.

Deathmask prepares to retaliate with his own technique, but Mu arrives and interrupts their battle, which ends up with Deathmask taking his leave. Although Shiryu states their battle is not over, Deathmask simply mocks the Bronze Saint and tells him that if he is so willing to die, he should come to the House of Cancer at the Sanctuary, where he will be waiting.

Learning that his master also is a Gold Saint, and being acknowledged as a true Saint and not just a student, Shiryu decides to join his fellow Saints to Sanctuary to meet Seiya and the others and fight alonside them against the Gold Saints and the Grand Pope.

The Battle of the Twelve Houses

Shiryu later accompanies Athena and the other Bronze Saints to Sanctuary to fight against the Grand Pope, but first they have to go through the twelve Houses, each guarded by a Gold Saint.

But before they are able to start their journey, Ptolemy attacks Athena and the Bronze Saints with his Phantom Arrow.

According to Ptolemy, they have only twelve hours to reach the Pope and bring him back down to Athena in order to remove the arrow, since he is the only one capable of doing it. And in order to make it in time, they have to pass through all twelve Houses within 12 hours, or Saori will die.

With the promise of saving Athena within those 12 hours, the battle of the twelve Houses begins.

House of Aries

Arriving at the House of Aries, the Bronze Saints are shocked to discover it's guardian being Mu. Asking if he really intend to stand in their way, Mu simply asks the Bronze Saints what they will do if he oppose them. Shiyru decides to fight Mu in order to teach him a lesson for betrayal.

However, Shiryu is easily knocked to the ground as he notices his shield crack, due to all the battles he fought prior to the upcoming battle against the Gold Saints.

Kiki suggests the Bronze Saint let Mu repair their Cloths, and they notice the fire clock while waiting the hour Mu requires. With their restored Cloths, the Bronze Saints make way to the next House.

House of Taurus

Moving onward to the second House, they are ambushed by it's guardian Aldebaran. Although Seiya tries to distract the Gold Saint and allow Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun to pass through, the three are instead easily knocked out by Aldebaran, leaving Seiya to fight on his own. When they recover, they notice the House of Taurus being damaged, feeling Seiya's Cosmo increasing.

Catching up with their friend who just achieved victory by breaking one of Aldebaran's horns, the Bronze Saints accompanies Seiya onward, but Aldebaran states that only Seiya defeated him, and they will also have to do that in order to pass through.

Gathering their Cosmo, the three Bronze Saints are able to freeze Aldebaran's movements, granting them victory as well. Before they leave, Aldebaran informs them that teamwork alone will not save them during this battle, and that they must grasp the Seventh Sense on their own like Seiya did during their battle in order to win.

House of Gemini

Arriving at the House of Gemini, they rendezvous with Seiya who arrives at the entrance of the House. Deciding to charge through, they instead find themselves at the entrance once again.

However, this time they notice two entrances. Splitting up, Seiya and Shiryu head for one entrance, while Hyoga and Shun head for the other entrance.

Seiya and Shiryu encounter the Gemini Saint, but Shiryu is able to see through the illusion due to his blindness, allowing him and Seiya passage through the House of Gemini, finally reaching the exit. Believing in Shun and Hyoga, the two resume onward to the next House.

House of Cancer

When the two Bronze Saints reach the House of Cancer, they are confronted by Deathmask. As he shows his truly evil allegiance about knowing the Pope's true intentions and boasting about killing even children who wanted to pass through his House, Shiryu is disgusted and states that he will defeat Deathmask with all his might.

While Seiya moves onward to the House of Leo, Shiryu stays behind to settle the score between him and Deathmask, and allow his friend passage. The two Saints clash, although the battle turns to be one-sided when Deathmask sends him to the world of the dead with the Sekishiki Meikai Ha, where he finds himself able to see again.

Seeing Hyoga there and attempting to reach him, Athena arrives and tells Shiryu that he must not go there, as the path leads to the place where everyone goes to die.

With the aid of Athena, Shiryu is able to return to the House of Cancer where he once more challenges Deathmask. Unleashing his Rozan Sho Ryu Ha, the blow is instead reflected easily by the Gold Saint who sends Shiryu down to the world of the dead once more with the Sekishiki Meikai Ha.

After Deathmask sense Shunrei's prayers, he decides to follow Shiryu to the world of the dead in order to make sure he does not return alive again. As he prepares to throw Shiryu Down the Yomotsu Hirasaka, he is interrupted by Shunrei's prayers.

Annoyed at her presence, Deathmask sends her down the waterfall, which enrage Shiryu and allows him to overpower Deathmask with several blows, swearing to kill him. However, Deathmask simply laughs and asks Shiryu if that girl really meant that much to him.

Striking once again, Deathmask simply reflects his attacks, stating that he has already witnessed Shiryu's power at the Five Old Peaks, and that it is useless against a Gold Saint once witnessed. Once more sending Shiryu to the ground, he tries to step on his hands in order to make him fall as he is hanging on the edge of Yomotsu Hirasaka.

However, Athena encourages Shiryu to not give in, and as Deathmask prepares the final blow, Shiryu leaps up and slashes at Deathmask's leg, inflicting a hit as the Gold Cloth covering his leg vanish a few seconds before hitting.

Surprised at what just happened, Shiryu once more attacks, this time hitting Deathmask's arm, leaving Deathmask horrified at the Gold Cloth leaving him. Suddenly, Deathmask's Gold Cloth abandons his body, having had enough of Deathmask's evil deeds.

Having honor as a Saint, Shiryu removes his own Cloth as well in order to fight Deathmask on equal ground, and finally manages to awaken his Seventh Sense, which allows Shiryu to overpower Deathmask's Sekishiki Meikai Ha with his Rozan Sho Ryu Ha and send him down the Yomotsu Hirasaka, being granted victory at last, having killed the Cancer Gold Saint.

Path to House of Leo

After Deathmask's death, Shiryu regroups with Shun who managed to pass through the House of Gemini after defeating the Gemini Gold Saint, before the two make way to the House of Leo where Seiya most likely have started his battle already.

While they move onward, they encounter Cassios who refuses to let them pass onward, informing them of Aioria's demonic behavior after meeting the Pope. Realising that Seiya needs their help, they try to move on, but Cassios knocks them both out before going to the House of Leo himself.

As Shiryu and Shun recover and finally reach the House, they see Cassios having sacrificed himself, as well as Aioria awakened and a wounded Seiya. Moving onward, they are warned by Aioria to not let Shaka open his eyes, or they will have no chance of victory.

House of Virgo

Reaching the House of Virgo, the Bronze Saints encounters Shaka. Challenging the Gold Saint to show his true powers, Shiryu's Rozan Sho Ryu Ha is easily deflected, before sending him down to the ground. After several attempts to defeat Shaka, the Gold Saint easily knocks them all out at once with his Tenma Kôfuku.

When they later wake up, they notice Ikki is fighting Shaka who now has his eyes open, watching in horror as Ikki sacrifices himself to defeat Shaka.

House of Libra

Mourning Ikki's loss, the Bronze Saints move onward to the House of Libra, where they find Hyoga trapped in a large block of ice. Concluding that it must have been done by Camus, they try to find a way to break the coffin and save Hyoga.

All of a sudden, the Libra Cloth appears before them, offering to aid the Bronze Saints. Grabbing one of the swords, Shiryu burns his Cosmo and slash at the coffin, breaking Hyoga free. As Hyoga's energy is very low, Shun decides to stay behind in order to rescue his friend, sending Seiya and Shiryu onward.

House of Scorpio

Arriving at the House of Scorpio, Shiryu tells Seiya a story about a rabbit who sacrificed itself to give a helpless man meat to survive. Sensing Shun's Cosmo weakening, they decide to return to the House of Libra, but they are stopped by Miro, the man said to have destroyed Andromeda Island all by himself.

Attacking the Gold Saint twice with his Rozan Sho Ryu Ha, Shiryu is easily defeated as Miro evades the first attack before deflecting the second attack.

The two Bronze Saints attack him, but they are both defeated by Miro's Scarlet Needle. However, Hyoga arrives with an unconscious Shun, taking over the fight and sending the two others ahead with Shun.

House of Sagittarius

Arriving at the House of Sagittarius, the Bronze Saints encounter a series of trials before they see a message Aioros has left behind, awaiting the the day when young warriors of hope would arrive, entrusting Athena and the safety of the world to them.

House of Capricorn

At the House of Capricorn, the Bronze Saints manage to pass through the House without trouble, convinced that there is no Gold Saint after all. However, the ground suddenly split apart and Shiryu pushes Seiya, Hyoga and Shun over, staying at the House where he is confronted by the House's guardian, Shura.

Hearing that Shura is the man who killed Aioros 13 years ago, Shiryu attacks the Gold Saint with rage in order to avenge Aioros' sacrifice, but is easily beaten by Shura's Jumping Stone, and his Cloth is torn apart by the Gold Saint's Excalibur.

Shocked at seeing such power, Shiryu tries in vain to convince Shura that they are the ones fighting for Athena and true peace, but the Gold Saint refuse to believe him and once more prepares to slash at him, but this time Shiryu is able to grab the Gold Saint and retaliate with a stronger power.

Burning his Cosmo to the Seventh Sense once more, Shiryu tricks Shura into attacking Shiryu by intentionally revealing his weak point. When Shura attacks, he notice that his arm is stuck, and Shiryu unleash the forbidden move Rozan Ko Ryu Ha, disobeying his master's words and warning about that technique, which sends both Saints soaring to the heavens.

Asking Shiryu why he willingly sacrifices his own life for the sake of victory, the Bronze Saint informs Shura that it's all for the sake of Athena. Realizing that he almost killed Athena while she was an infant, Shura apologize to Shiryu and Aioros for not believing the truth. As the two soar into the heavens, Seiya, Shun and Hyoga mourn their friend's death before moving onward.

Statue of Athena

Before he succumbs to the Rozan Ko Ryu Ha, Shura transfer his Gold Cloth to Shiryu before kicking him down to the House of Capricorn again, where Athena arrives shortly after and revive him, before he joins the other Saints to the statue of Athena. There, he transfers all his Cosmo to Seiya along with the other Bronze Saints, allowing him to defeat Saga and destroy his evil side before collapsing due to exhaustion.


After the battle against the Gold Saints, with Shiryu's Cloth shattered, and in need of repairs, his Cloth is resurrected by the blood of Mu and have the endurance of a Gold Cloth.

Shiryu arrives with his new Dragon Cloth while Seiya fights the God Warrior Syd who retreats after he and Hyoga arrives with his new Cloth.

During the fight between Seiya and Thor, Shiryu arrives and informs Seiya, Shun and Hyoga that in order to get the Balmung Sword, they have to defeat all 7 God Warriors and claim their Odin Sapphires.


After Thor have been defeated, the four of them split up, and Shiryu is confronted by Fenrir. Unable to react in time to Fenrir's vicious Wolf Cruelty Claw at the speed of light, Shiryu is wounded after each attack, while being forced to handle his wolves who attack him in frenzy. However, the spirit of Shura encourages Shiryu to not give in and keep fighting in order to save Athena.

Despite Shiryu burning his Cosmo further, his Rozan Sho Ryu Ha is easily dodged by the God Warrior, and the Bronze Saint once more finds himself at a loss during their battle, with the wolves further denying him any time to discover Fenrir's weak point.

While Athena's Cosmo staggers the wolves, Shiryu asks Fenrir about his origin, why he would discard the humans and live with the wolves instead. Hearing that Fenrir's story was not so different from the Bronze Saints (having no parents to raise them and raised among each other), Shiryu is finally able to overpower Fenrir for a moment, lecturing him during the battle.

When their battle reaches a climax, Shiryu realize that his Rozan Sho Ryu Ha will be useless as Fenrir have already seen through the attack. When the two charge, Shiryu instead attack the frozen waterfall behind him, creating an avalanche which he barely survives while Fenrir is killed.

Recovering from the avalanche and grabbing Fenrir's Odin Sapphire, Shiryu tries to resume his journey, but the remaining wolves attack Shiryu, and they fall down a large crack which opened after the avalanche, where he falls unconscious.


Shiryu later recovers and arrive in the forest just in time to save Hyoga from suffering defeat against Alberich, taking over the battle. Alberich states one of his ancestors fought Dohko many years ago, and today he will honor his legacy by killing the student of Dohko.

When Shiryu prepares to engage the God Warrior, blocking the Amethyst Shield, he is suddenly struck by the Nature Unity instead, leaving the Dragon at a disadvantage against the God Warrior.

However, following several advices from Dohko to not move, Shiryu is successful in repelling the forces of nature by blending in with the environment, rendering the Nature Unity useless.

Alberich tries to trick Shiryu into losing concentration several times, but Shiryu manages to regain it at every attempt. Seeing at they will get no way unless Alberich decides to use a different technique, Shiryu discards his own Cloth.

Just as he intended, Alberich instead strikes with his Amethyst Shield, falling into Shiryu's trap who unleash a Rozan Sho Ryu Ha which kills Alberich, falling unconscious due to the wounds he suffered from the Amethyst Shield.


Regaining consciousness, Shiryu arrives at the Statue of Odin where Seiya, Ikki, Shun, Hyoga and Shaina have all been defeated by Siegfried, the last remaining God Warrior. Engaging the God Warrior despite not wearing his Cloth and being wounded, Shiryu almost unleash the Rozan Ko Ryu Ha which may be able to defeat Siegfried, but change his mind as the attack will ruin their chance at getting the Odin Sapphire, and thus being unable to save Hilda and Asgard.

Being further wounded, Shiryu instead tries to find Siegfried's weak point and reveal it to Seiya. When the two clash once more, Shiryu is able to see Siegfried's weak point being the exact same as he has (lowering the left hand and revealing the heart). However, in spite of landing a hit on Siegfried's chest, Shiryu is unable to take down the God Warrior, and leaves the rest to Seiya as he collapse due to his injuries.


Once more standing up as Siegfried gives his life to destroy Sorrento who arrives at the scene, Shiryu accompanies Hyoga, Shun and Ikki in order to defend Seiya with their lives as he tries to reach the Statue of Odin and ask for the Balmung Sword.


After Hilda's defeat and the destruction of the Nibelungen Ring, the Saints make their way back to Athena, where they find their Goddess unconscious, and they are joyful when they see her standing up, still alive. Although they have a brief moment of reunion, a large wave suddenly strikes the Saints, and as they recover, they notice Athena is gone.

Realizing that the one of launched the wave and kidnapped Athena is Poseidon, the God of the sea, Shiryu travels to the Five Old Peaks in order to ask Dohko if he knows where the kingdom of Poseidon is. Although Dohko states he has no answer, Kiki arrives to inform Shiryu that the entrance is in Asgard. The two leave straight away, and meet up with Freya and Hilda at the entrance before jumping in.

Shiryu arrives at the North Pacific Ocean's Mammoth Pillar, regrouping with Hyoga and Seiya who has defeated Baian. Learning from his comrade that they have to destroy all seven Mammoth Pillars in order to save Athena, he and Hyoga split up, heading for separate Mammoth Pillars.

Indian Mammoth Pillar

Arriving at the Indian Mammoth Pillar, Shiryu finds himself greeted by Krishna. Surprised that the Golden Lance cut him with the air pressure alone, he have a very difficult time fighting the General as he is unable to break the lance or avoid it.

However, once more Shura encourages Shiryu to fight back and to never forget the true power in his right arm, where Shura's soul resides, revealing that during the end of their battle when Shura gave Shiryu his Cloth in order for him to survive, Shura also transferred his move Excalibur to Shiryu's right hand.

Remembering the power of Excalibur, Shiryu charges at the General in order to deflect the lance and then break it. When the two clash, Shiryu is able to deflect the charge of the lance when his Cloth turns golden and tries to break it, but he is unsuccessful and is once again pierced by Krishna's lance.

Standing up, refusing to neither give up or die, Shiryu removes his Cloth and decides to put his life at stake in order to reach his full Cosmo and defeat Krishna. After dodging the lance several times, Shiryu is able to grab the lance and finally cut it in half, as well as a part of Krishna's Scale.

Urging the General to admit defeat now that the lance has been destroyed, Shiryu notice Krishna's Cosmo increasing to a different level than before, before being easily defeated once again by the General's Ma Ha Ro Shini, which slowly removes Shiryu's sight.

Retaliating with a Rozan Sho Ryu Ha, Shiryu is simply sent down to the ground once more before seeing Krishna's Chakram Points. Awakening his Seventh Sense, Shiryu is able to cut them with the Excalibur, finally killing the General.

When Kiki arrives with the Libra Cloth, Shiryu destroys it with the Libra Sword before sending Kiki on ahead as he collapse to his injuries.

Throne Room of Poseidon

Finally recovering from his battle against Krishna, Shiryu makes haste to the Throne Room of Poseidon in the nick of time to rescue Seiya from Poseidon's blasts. Trying to engage the sea god, Shiryu's headgear is shattered as he is easily deflected after several attemtps. When Hyoga arrives as well, Shiryu desperately tries to protect Hyoga from Poseidon's fury, but his shield and Cloth are destroyed in the proccess.

Although the Sagittarius Cloth arrives to help them, Seiya's arrow is reflected over and over again. When Seiya prepares the arrow for the third time, with Shaina acting as his shield, Shiryu steps between instead, taking the arrow into the chest.

Urging Seiya to once more launch the arrow, Seiya is able to hit the sea god as all the Saints transfer their Cosmo to him.

After succesfully landing a blow on  the sea god, they make their way to the Main Breadwinner, while Poseidon finally awaken as the true god of the sea.

Main Breadwinner

Reaching the Main Breadwinner, Shiryu receives the Libra Cloth to help Seiya and Hyoga fight Poseidon with his Rozan Sho Ryu Ha, managing to stun him temporarily while trying to destroy the Main Breadwinner.

After several failed attempts, Hyoga and Shiryu launch Seiya at the Main Breadwinner before burning their Cosmo, surpassing Poseidon and sealing him.


When Shiryu notice his master missing, former Silver Saints Capella, Dante and Argol attack him before he easily kills them all with a powerful Rozan Sho Ryu Ha, deciding to follow his master.

House of Aries

When he reunite with his master at the House of Aries, he engage Shion with his Rozan Sho Ryu Ha but is easily defeated. Dohko, berating Shiryu for disobeying his master's words, later apologize and informs him that he will apologize to Athena as well before reviving to his younger self, much to Shiryu's astonishment.

Path to House of Leo

Noticing Dohko revived to his younger self, the young Dragon travels ahead with the encouragement from his master, later meeting up with Hyoga and Shun who have also arrived at the Sanctuary.

Travelling with them, they also rendezvous with Seiya who have been wounded after fighting against Myu's psychokinesis at the House of Cancer.

House of Virgo

When they arrive at the House of Virgo along with Aioria, they are grieved by the loss of Shaka after the battle against the three former Gold Saints who used the Athena Exclamation. As the three former Gold Saints reveal themselves to Aioria, Mu and the Bronze Saints, Miro arrives and after a brief confrontation, the Gold Saints and the former Gold Saints clash with the Athena Exclamation.

However, the Bronze Saints manage to neutralize the clash after burning their Cosmo to the limit beyond the Seventh Sense, with Shiryu using his Rozan Sho Ryu Ha in order to send the Athena Exclamation to the sky where it explodes, leaving the Sanctuary unharmed.

Statue of Athena

Recovering from the blast, the Bronze Saints desperately try to reach the statue of Athena, but due to being exhausted and wounded from the confrontation at the House of Virgo, they are unable to make it in time, feeling Athena's Cosmo disappear as she takes her own life.

As they arrive at the statue, they notice the golden dagger and Athena's blood, lamenting on being useless. Just then, Shion arrives and insults the Bronze Saints in being useless and only Saints in title. Attacking the former Pope with their remaining strength, the four Bronze Saints are easily defeated.

Listening to what Shion has to say, the Bronze Saints realize that even in death the Saints would never betray Athena and all their actions so far was in order for Athena to prepare herself to defeat Hades in the underworld.

Using Athena's blood, Shion restores Athena's Cloth which will be crucial for Athena if she is to win the Holy War. While he informs the Bronze Saints to defeat Hades, he bestows their Bronze Cloths with the same blood, awakening to their most powerful form.

As Shion entrust Athena to them, the Bronze Saints then head on to join Aioria, Mu and Miro who went on ahead to the earthly castle of Hades.

Hades' Castle

Arriving at the castle, they challenge Rhadamanthys, one of the three Judges of the underworld, but the Gold Saints sends them ahead as they are no match for the Wyvern. Sacrificing themselves, the Gold Saints launch their final techniques at Rhadamanthys, but all three of them are defeated.

When the Bronze Saints encounter Shura, Saga and Camus who are slowly dying due to their temporarily life reaching an end, Shiryu witness Hyoga killing Zelos with the Aurora Execution in retaliation for the Specter stomping on Hyoga's master.

Hearing a harp, they rush to see who's playing, and notice Rhadamanthys unharmed, who states that he has eliminated all three Gold Saints. Refusing to let the Judge mock the Gold Saints and wanting revenge for their comrades, the Bronze Saints charge at the Specter, but they are all easily defeated one by one.

Refusing to let him kill Seiya, the Bronze Saints once more burn their Cosmo and attack the Judge, but he retaliates with the Greatest Caution, knocking them all unconscious. As Seiya plunge down to the underworld with Rhadamanthys, the other Bronze Saints recover.

The Underworld

Preparing to follow Seiya into the underworld, the Bronze Saints are interrupted by the arrival of Dohko who informs them of the Eight Sense which is neccesary in order to reach the underworld without being subject to its laws. Believing them able to reach that Cosmo due to their previous battles, Dohko urge them to burn their Cosmo and believe in themselves.

Regaining his sight as they arrive in the underworld, Shiryu teams up with Hyoga and eventally Kanon, charging through the prisons, one by one, defeating all Specters in their way.


Upon reaching a large river which they have to cross, the Saints are confronted by the ferryman Phlegyas. Realizing that the only way to cross the river is by defeating him, Shiryu and Hyoga unleash their Rozan Sho Ryu Ha and Diamond Dust in order to finish the battle quickly. 

However, the Specter easily grabs both Bronze Saints' attacks before retaliating with his Howling Inferno which knocks out Shiryu and Hyoga.

Eventually, when they recover and notice they have crossed the river, they realize that Kanon must have saved them before resuming their journey.

Regrouping with Kanon, the Saints encounter Rhadamanthys who informs them that Shun has revealed himself as Hades. Trying to eliminate the Bronze Saints, the Judge is interrupted by Kanon who sends Shiryu and Hyoga ahead.

The Wall of Grief

The two Bronze Saints finally reach Giudecca moments after Kanon sacrifice himself in order to defeat Rhadamanthys once and for all, where they rendezvous with Seiya and Shun again as all twelve Gold Saints revive, resulting in a warm reunion with their comrades.

Urging the Bronze Saints to leave, the Gold Saints sacrifice themselves to destroy the Wall of Grief. While waiting, they face Minos who easily defeats them all, but before he can kill the Bronze Saints, the Gold Saints attack the Wall of Grief, and the explosion eliminates them, wounds Minos and destroys the wall.

Returning to the site and noticing the Gold Saints are gone, the Bronze Saints mourn their comrades' deaths before moving onward to Elysium.

Feeling someone's presence as they prepare to follow Hades and Athena, Shiryu sends his friends ahead before turning around, noticing the three Specters Sylphid, Gordon and Queen.


Opposing the three Specters on his own in order to buy Seiya, Shun and Hyoga time to reach Elysium, Shiryu uses his full power in order to prevent them from passing through. As all three charge at him, his headgear is destroyed and he is defeated.

However, the three Specters' headgears all split after suffering Shiryu's Excalibur technique, bestowed upon him by Shura. Stating that he will not die here, he challenge all three Specters by himself.

Being engaged by Queen first, he is wounded as the Specter unleash his Blood Flower Scissors, which sends the Dragon to the ground. However, he manages to wound Queen with the Excalibur at the same time.

Gordon, enraged at Shiryu's actions, attacks with his Ground Axe Crasher, succesfully breaking Shiryu's right arm and rendering Excalibur useless. Before he can deal the final blow, however, Shiryu retaliates with the Rozan Sho Ryu Ha, knocking Gordon down to the ground.

Having had enough of the Bronze Saint, Sylphid unleash his Annihilation Flap to blast Shiryu away from the area, but he instead crash into the remaining parts from the Wall of Grief, surviving the attack as he stands up.

Taunting the three Specters that they will not achieve victory unless all three charge at the same time, Shiryu unleash his Rozan Ryu Hi Sho when Sylphid charges in anger, and the Specter suffers further wounds.

Accepting Shiryu's challenge, the three Specters charge and unleash their techniques together, to which Shiryu respond by burning his Cosmo to the Eight Sense, defeating all three of them with Dohko's Rozan Hya Ku Ryu Ha, honoring his master.

Sylphid, the only surviving Specter after the fatal blow, pursues the Bronze Saint to the entrance of Elysium where he is pulverized by the atmosphere in a similar manner to Minos who had met the same fate moments before.



After defeating Sylphid, Basilisk and Gordon, Shiryu join Hyoga to Elysium where they try in vain to defeat Thanatos who easily deflects their attacks and damages their Cloths. As they are given the Gold Cloths to fight with, they are also easily destroyed and they are left without hope.

However, they are shocked as Seiya is clad in a new armor revealed to be a God Cloth, which allows him to defeat Thanatos who dies of his wounds shortly after.


As Hypnos stands in Seiya's way, Shun attempts to fight the god of sleep, but is defeated. Drawing Hypnos' attention, Shiryu and Hyoga also awaken their God Cloths, before charging at the god. Although he deflects their attacks, they seems close to defeat too, but they manage to evade his attack and retaliate, wounding Hypnos greatly.

When they hear a loud explosion, Hypnos taunts them about their unescapable fate as he succumbs to his wounds. Rushing to the grave of Hades, they arrive in time to help Seiya and Ikki fight Hades, but they are all reflected with no effort by the god of the Underworld.

However, when Seiya sacrifice himself to defend Athena, the other Bronze Saints gather their Cosmo to Athena and they are able to finally destroy Hades and claim victory in the Holy War.

As a Legendary Saint

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Powers and Abilities

Speed of Sound

Being a Bronze Saint, Shiryu is able to launch attacks at Mach 1, the speed of sound. Ordinary humans are unable to see what just happened, although other Saints of higher rank are able to see it clearly.

Speed of Light

Upon reaching the Seventh Sense and later Eight Sense, Shiryu's attacks become so fast that even a Gold Saint is unable to see the attack before it reaches him, thus travelling at 300 000 km/s, maybe even surpassing that speed.


Although Shiryu begins his journey as a Bronze Saint, he has been able to fight on the same level as a Gold Saint, due to achieving the Seventh Sense, which he succesfully awakens while fighting against Gold Saints Deathmask and Shura.

He has also achieved the Eight Sense, allowing him to go to the underworld without being subject to it's laws.

Whenever he burns his Cosmo, Shiryu is surrounded by a green aura.


Rozan Sho Ryu Ha

Shiryu concentrates his Cosmo in his fist, and launches his enemy up in the air in the image of a majestic dragon flying towards the heavens.

Rozan Ryu Hi Sho

A move pretty identical to the Sho Ryu Ha, except that this attack is a horizontal attack rather than a vertical attack. Shiryu uses this attack for the first time on his journey to Jamir to meet Mu and ask him to repair his and Seiya's Cloths.

Rozan Ko Ryu Ha

This is the most powerful move Shiryu knows, but it's also the most lethal. When he uses this attack, he grabs his opponent from the back, like Seiya's Rolling Crush, but he keeps rising up in the air with his opponent which in the end will kill them both.

Shiryu has only used this attack once, and that was against Shura since his Sho Ryu Ha was useless, and he knew he could not win without sacrificing himself.

Rozan Hya Ku Ryu Ha

This is a move Shiryu learn while watching his master fight, despite being unable to see at that moment. It seems to be a much more powerful version of the Sho Ryu Ha or the Ryu Hi Sho, with 100 dragons soaring through the air to tear its enemies apart.

The only time he uses it, is when Sylphid, Queen and Gordon charge at the same time, and he have used all his other techniques.


Shiryu has one more move, which is the move Shura taught to him before he died. The legendary sword, Excallibur. It is not a physical sword, but a powerful Cosmo resting in Shiryu's right hand.

He has managed to surpass Shura with this technique, but after Gordon breaks his right arm, he fights with his fists again, though he does try it again when he and Hyoga fought against Hypnos, only for the attack to be deflected by the god of sleep.

Cloths he has worn during his journey