Heracles Algethi
Algethi is the Heracles Silver Saint and one of the three Silver Saints along with Dio and Sirius to make sure Aioria kills Seiya and retrieve the Gold Cloth as tasked.


Algethi is a large, bulky man with white hair and black eyes. He has a dark green outfit visible while wearing his Cloth.


Algethi is very confident of himself, believing it ridiculous that Seiya managed to defeat Misty and several other Silver Saints.

Sanctuary Arc.

When Aioria spares Seiya, the three Silver Saints reveal themselves and attack Seiya mercilessly, almost killing the Bronze Saint. However, all of a sudden, the Sagittarius Cloth wraps itself around Seiya, and he easily kills all three of them at once before engaging Aioria.


Being a Silver Saint, Algethi's strength easily surpass that of a Bronze Saint as he can unleash attacks at Mach 2. His Cosmo aura has not been revealed during his short appearance.


Kornephoros: Algethis first gathers his fists, creating powerful winds before sending his opponent flying with a fierce strength. The full effects of the technique is not seen as Dio interrupts the attack mid-air.


Algethi wears the Heracles Silver Cloth which has a moderate amount of protection. It has a varied color of dark green/gray with black stripes.

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