Misty Specter
Misty is the former Lizard Silver Saint who died in battle against Seiya. During the war between Athena and Hades, the deceased Silver Saints and Gold Saints were resurrected, Misty being one of them.


After being resurrected by Hades, Misty's hair becomes much darker, his skin is more pale, his suit has changed color from pink to very dark purple, and his lipstick color has changed into a very dark grey color.


During his time as a Silver Saint, Misty thought of himself as the most beautiful in the world, with Athena as the only exception. He was very narcisstic and also very cruel when he fought, mocking his enemies.


As the Holy War begins between Athena and Hades, Misty is one of the Silver Saints resurrected by the God of the Underworld, travelling to Siberia with Babel and Moses in order to kill Hyoga. However, after the Cygnus Saint easily defeats all three of them, they reveal that they actually came to entrust Athena's care to him and warn him of the Holy War.


When the Holy War begins between Hades and Athena, the Saints who died in battle are resurrected by the God of the Underworld. Misty's Surplice retains much of the original design, but it has a black color rather than the standard silver color. He still retains his cape with the collar, but it now has a light gray and a dark purple color.