Marine Cloth Ushio
Marine Cloth Ushio is one of the three Steel Saints sent to protect Athena and the Bronze Saints from the Silver Saints' assassination attempts. Just like Sho and Daichi, Ushio was recruited by professor Asamori to use one of the Steel Cloths he had made for them.


He makes his first appearance as he and his fellow Steel Saints Sho and Daichi rescue Athena and the Bronze Saints from Babel's merciless flame-barrage, allowing Hyoga to strike and defeat the Silver Saint at last. After the battle between Shiryu and Argol, the Steel Saints revealed more about themselves and their Cloths, as well as assuring them they would help as much as they could. His last appearance is when Seiya and his friends make way for the Sanctuary, and they prepare to take them there by flight.


Ushio wears the Marine Cloth that represents a small submarine or a water glider with a powerful color of blue, while the shoulderplates and part of his waist, arms and legs also have white color.


Ushio's special technique is the ability to repel any form of psychokinesis from his opponents, as an in-built part of his Cloth. He is also seen using the Steel Hurricane along with Daichi, creating a huge whirlwind to damage the opponent.

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