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Pegasus Seiya [V1]

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Pegasus Seiya [V2]

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Pegasus Seiya [V3]

Seiya is the titular main character of the Saint Seiya anime. Being one of 100 orphans sent around the world by Mitsumasa Kido in order to become Saints, Seiya is sent to Athens in Greece. After 7 years of training in Greece, Seiya defeats his rival Cassios before receiving the Pegasus Cloth, becoming the Bronze Saint protected by his constellation Pegasus.

A young, brash but loyal man, Seiya is a brave warrior who fights to the very end despite the strength of his opponents.


Seiya is a young boy at 1.65m and weighs approximately 53 kg. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

His civilian clothing consist of a red shirt with his sleeves rolled up, blue jeans, white shoes, two red wristbands red wristband on his upper left arm as well.

During the Holy War, Seiya wears an additional wristband on his upper right arm, wearing them both regardless of wearing civillian clothing or his Cloth.

While wearing his Cloth, his usual clothing is replaced by a red sleeveless outfit.


Seiya is a brave, selfless and kind-hearted Saint who willingly sacrifices his life for the sake of justice, his friends or Athena without hesitation.

Due to being 13 years old, Seiya may often appear immature, making jokes about situations. This often leads to him taking rather impulsive and brash actions.

Seiya's most notable characteristic is his determination and refusal to give up. He hates to lose a fight and does all he can to adapt to his enemies skills and techniques. This allows him to stand up, even when faced with impossible odds.

It is possible that Seiya have romantic feelings for Athena, as he shows more devotion to defend her than his fellow Saints

Galaxian Wars Arc.

Seiya appears for the very first time as he and Cassios are the only two remaining contestants among 1000 other students fighting for the Pegasus Bronze Cloth.


Seiya vs. Cassios

Seiya, remembering that he must bring that Cloth to Japan as he was tasked to, leaves himself open for Cassios to easily swipe the young boy to the ground before grabbing him.

Struggling to break free from Cassios' grasp, Seiya is about to face a crushing defeat when Cassios prepares to remove his ear. However, to everyone's shock, Seiya's ears remain while Cassios' falls to the ground.

Evading his opponent's next attack, Seiya easily sends his foe to the ground with a powerful kick. Cassios, refusing to let Seiya have the Pegasus Cloth, charges once again but Seiya, having drawn the star points of the Pegasus and showing a powerful aura, executes a powerful Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken for the first time.

Being too fast for Cassios to react, Seiya defeats his rival and is granted the Pegasus Cloth, along with a strict order to never use the Cloth for his own personal issues, which the teenager agrees to.


Before Seiya is able to enjoy his Cloth, Shaina and her henchmen attack him in order to avenge Cassios' defeat. She easily knocks out Seiya with her Thunder Claw, before he equips his Cloth for the first time, launching punches at Mach 1, damaging Shaina's left shoulder. However, she still surpasses Seiya easily due to the Cloth being to heavy.

Listening to Marin's words about the Cosmo, Seiya manages to launch a powerful Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken that defeats Shaina's henchmen and split her mask in two.

Confronting Saori and Jabu

When Seiya returns to Japan, he is informed by Mitsumasa's granddaughter Saori Kido that Mitsumasa died five years ago, and that Saori has arranged the Galaxian Wars, a tournament where those who became Bronze Saints battle for the Sagittarius Gold Cloth.


Seiya's first opponent is Geki, who he underestimates until he witness the Bear's true power in his arms when he grabs Seiya by the throat, the same technique he had used to kill a dozens of bears during his training.</p>

However, Seiya manages to defeat him when he crush the atoms in Geki's arms, destroying his Cloth in the proccess.


His next opponent in the ring is Shiryu, who in a sudden unleash a powerful blow, faster than Seiya is able to witness. Refusing to lose, Seiya stand up, even after Shiryu's deadly Rozan Sho Ryu Ha.

Shiryu, surprised by Seiya's motivation, states that as long as he has his shield he will never lose. Seiya decides to break the shield and charges at Shiryu. While Seiya hits the shield, Shiryu tries in a quick second to hit Seiya, but he hits his shield instead as Seiya manages to dodge the blow.

Shiryu, now with both his shield and his right bracer broken, removes most of his Cloth, stating he no longer has a need for it. Seiya does the same with his Cloth in order to fight Shiryu equally, and finally manage to hit Shiryu for the first time with his 'Pegasus 'Ryu Sei Ken.

With the battle drawing near to an end, Seiya reveals that he has already seen through the Rozan Sho Ryu Ha the first time Shiryu used it. Charging at each other, the Bronze Saints prepare themselves for one final strike, with Seiya finally hitting Shiryu's weakspot, winning the match at last.

However, since he punched Shiryu's weakspot, Shiryu is slowly dying, and with enough encouragement from the crowd as well as the prayers of Shunrei, Seiya manages to punch Shiryu in the back, reviving the Dragon again, and thus starting a long and royal friendship between the two.

The Black Saints

Right after the match between Shun and Jabu, Ikki arrives and steal the Gold Cloth, prompting Seiya, Shiryu, Shun and Hyoga to work together in order to defeat Ikki and the Black Saints and reclaim the Gold Cloth.

Black Pegasus

Arriving at the Death Valley, Seiya encounters Kiki who has arrived with Seiya's Pegasus Cloth which was repaired by Shiryu.

As he equips his Cloth and gathers the Gold Cloth pieces, Seiya encounters Black Pegasus whom he easily gains the upper hand against, although being hit around 7 or 8 times by the Black Ryu Sei Ken.

After defeating his evil counterpart, Seiya later feels the effect of the Black Terror which Black Pegasus warned him about before, noticing his skin turning dark. As he falls unconscious, Shiryu later rescues him by puncturing Seiya's life points after defeating Black Dragon.


Now gathered once more, the four Bronze Saints are unsuccesful in having Ikki surrender, who simply retaliates by first attacking Hyoga with the Phoenix Genma Ken which is reflected, before later unleashing his ultimate technique Hô Yoku Tenshô which knocks out the four of them.

However, Seiya is able to withstand the effect of Ikki's attack, due to the Gold Cloth assembling in front of him, shielding the Pegasus. Confronting Ikki, Seiya is able to overpower the Phoenix, shattering his Cloth in the proccess.

However, the Cloth suddenly revives itself and covers Ikki once more, much to Seiya's surprise. Fighting fiercely, he is unable to scratch Ikki as he states that a move will not work twice, now that the Phoenix has been reborn stronger than before.

Attempting to finish the battle, Ikki charges at Seiya but in a sudden moment, Shiryu's shield attach itself to Seiya's left arm, effectively blocking Ikki's attack. Moments later, Shun's square chain wraps itself around Seiya's right arm, much to Ikki's shock.

Engaging the Phoenix with the power of his friends, Seiya is finally able to overpower Ikki due to his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken being combined with Hyoga's Diamond Dust.

When Seiya manages to finally defeat Ikki, the Bronze Saints hear that something is happening in the Sanctuary. Just then, Docrates attacks the Bronze Saints, Ikki almost fall down the mountain as it splits, and Shun grabs the Phoenix before lamenting that he does not wish to lose his brother again.

As the two brothers embrace for a brief moment, Ikki attacks Docrates and sacrifice himself, much to Shun's horror. Swearing to avenge Ikki by reclaiming the Gold Cloth, the Bronze Saints mourn their friend before leaving.


Docrates survives the avalanche however, and makes way to the Kido Mansion where he easily overpowers Shun, Shiryu and Hyoga despite their efforts. Although Seiya comes to the rescue, Docrates retreats with Saori and Tatsumi, and the Bronze Saints agree to split up, with Shiryu and Kiki heading to Death Valley to recover the other parts of the Gold Cloth, Hyoga recovering the mask, while Seiya and Shun challenge Docrates to save Saori and Tatsumi.

Arriving at the Graude Foundation where they fought for the Gold Cloth, the two Bronze Saints are confronted by Docrates who praise them for not running away.

Leaving Shun to deal with the henchmen, Seiya engage Docrates but all his attempts are easily deflected by the giant, who swears to avenge his little brother Cassios' humiliation at Seiya's hands. Attacking the Pegasus with his Heracles Mou Shou Ken, Docrates almost removes Seiya's ear, but is interrupted by Shun who brings down the lights on the arena on him, which only enrage him.

When Hyoga finally arrives, he attacks Docrates and freeze his feet before lifting him up which allows Seiya to land a hit with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken and Shun to finish him off with the Nebula Chain.


After Docrates' defeat, the Pope sends several assassins to eliminate the Bronze Saints and retrieve the Gold Cloth.

Ghost Saints

As they learn of a large oil tanker at sea having been taken over by a trio of Ghost Saints, the Bronze Saints rush to the tanker to face their new enemy. They are unsuccesful as the Ghost Saints are able to retreat due to their master Gheist's illusions.

Heading to the Skull Island where the Ghost Saints reside, they are split up as Hyoga exhaust himself from battling Sea Serpent and then being stung by several bugs. As they resume, Shiryu is separated as he dives into water in order to escape a pack of bats before he is electrocuted.

Floating on a wooden log, the two Bronze Saints are ambushed by the Jellyfish Ghost Saint whom Shun engages in order to buy Seiya time, but he is easily defeated when the Jellyfish Ghost Saint unleash his electricity against the Andromeda. He is saved when Seiya kills the Ghost Saint, but have no strength left to join Seiya to the great fortress.


Arriving at the fortress alone, Seiya is confronted by Gheist who creates an illusion with several masks of the Gold Cloth. Seiya retaliates with the "Ryu Sei Ken", effectively breaking the illusion before facing Gheist. Attacking with her Thunder Claw, Seiya is shocked as that is Shaina's technique.

Being grievously wounded by the Ghost Saint, the Gold Cloth mask suddenly interferes and knocks Gheist's mask off and sends her to the ground.

Breaking free, Seiya unleash Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken which greatly injure Gheist who shortly dies of her wounds moments later. Emerging from the fortress victorius with the Gold Cloth mask, Seiya is hailed by his friends who have recovered from their wounds suffered during their confrontation.

The Silver Saints Arc.

After the fall of the Flame Saint, the Pope sends Silver Saints to destroy the Bronze Saints and reclaim the mask of the Gold Cloth.


The first Silver Saint to appear is Misty who threatens Seiya on sight. Equipping his Cloth thanks to Kiki bringing it with psychokinesis, Seiya challenges the Silver Saint to a duel, but he is easily deflected.

Suddenly, Marin restrains Seiya before punching him in the chest, seemingly killing the Bronze Saint. However, it was all an illusion and Seiya resumes his fight with Misty as soon as Marin is gone. Resuming their battle, Seiya is still easily beaten by Misty's Mavrou Trippa, resulting in Seiya vomiting blood, leaving a stain on Misty while he falls into the water.

Standing up, Seiya orders Misty to put on his Cloth again, stating he will make a miracle happen, succesfully landing a hit on Misty for the first time with the Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken. During his next assault, Seiya unleash a new technique, Pegasus Sui Sei Ken, pushing Misty backwards, leaving the Silver Saint surprised, before he decides to retaliate with everything he got.

However, Seiya manages to reflect the Mavrou Trippa, sending it back against Misty, leaving him speechless.

In a sudden moment, Seiya appears behind him and unleash his final technique Pegasus Rolling Crush, which finally succeeds in defeating Misty who dies of his wounds after emerging from the water.


Very short time later, he is forced to face Moses and Asterion as well after feeling Marin's Cosmo.

He soundly defeats Moses after the Silver Saint mention Marin being his sister, giving Seiya a large boost with his Cosmo, but he is no match for Asterion's mind reading technique, and so he is defeated.

Athena revealed

After recovering, Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu, Shun, Ikki, Kiki, Tatsumi and Saori rendezvous at the Graude Foundation where the Bronze Saints learn that Saori is the incarnation of Athena.

Steel Saints

Shortly after realizing who their goddess truly is, Babel attacks the Bronze Saints in a violent blast of flames which Hyoga struggles to defend his comrades from. However, three mysterious Saints suddenly arrive with Cloths never seen before.

Attacking the Silver Saint one by one, they neutralize his attacks and leave him open for Hyoga to attack.

While the Cygnus defeats Babel, the three mysterious Saints vanish without a trace.

They later learn more about the Steel Saints Sho, Ushio and Daichi who wear mechanical Cloths designed by Dr. Asamori, and that the Steel Saints are they allies sent to support them during their tough battles.


Seiya decides to journey to the Sanctuary in order to get information. Deciding to take Shun and Shiryu with him, the three venture on a plane. However, their plane is brought down by Spartan and the three Bronze Saints find themselves in an ambush from Shaina, Spartan and Argol.

Wanting revenge, Shaina engage Seiya in a brutal fight, leaving Spartan and Argol to deal with the other Bronze Saints as they wish.

As the two Saints clash in a seemingly even match, Seiya is unable to hit Shaina due to her having already seen the Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken. However, Seiya renews his assault and manage to wound Shaina with the Pegasus Sui Sei Ken before finishing their battle with the Pegasus Rolling Crush.

As Argol turn Shun to stone, Seiya charge at the Silver Saint and the two clash briefly before Seiya is turned to stone as well by the Silver Saint.


After Shiryu's sacrifice of his sight during the battle against Argol on the island after their ambush, Seiya, Shun and Hyoga argue with Ikki over Shiryu's current state, prompting the Phoenix to leave the group.

Shortly after, the Bronze Saints hear Athena scream and they rush only to see their goddess being kidnapped by crows.

Equiping their Cloths, the Bronze Saints deal with the henchmen who attack them while Seiya chases the crows and eventually confronts Jamian.

Challenging the Silver Saint, the two clash briefly before Seiya finds himself forced to chase the crows again, this time succesfully freeing Saori as they both fall. Refusing to let his goddess die, Seiya grabs Athena and brace for impact with his right arm, breaking it as they land.

As Shaina arrives as well, Seiya jumps further down the mountain in order to escape the two Silver Saints, further wounding himself.


Later, after recovering at the hospital from his wounds, Seiya decides to cure Shiryu's eyesight no matter what, and travels to the Jamir mountains in order to find Mu and ask him for a cure. He meets up with Kiki instead who reveals two large mountains where the Water of Life is. While climbing, Seiya encounters several tough obstacles along the way before he finally find the legendary water.

At his arrival, he rescues Kiki from Arachne before confronting the Silver Saint himself. However, due to not wearing his own Cloth, Seiya is easily underestimated and defeated by the Silver Saint's strange but powerful attacks and Cosmo. Fortunately, Sho arrives in time to assist.

Burning his Cosmo at Sho's encouragement, Seiya is able to break free from the Tarantula Net, equipping his Pegasus Cloth which arrives at that moment, easily killing Arachne with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken.

The Gold Saints

After the Silver Saints's defeat at the hands of Seiya and his friends, the Pope summons one of the Gold Saints to destroy the Bronze Saints and recover the Gold Cloth.

At first, he assigns Miro for the task, but it is later given to Aioria who travels immediately to Japan.


Recovering at the hospital still after recovering the water of life, Seiya is ambushed by Shaina and barely makes it away from her claws before jumping through the roof with the Silver Saint in pursuit.

While the two argue over Shaina's duty as a female Saint due to Seiya having seen her face, they are suddenly interrupted by a massive amount of Cosmo which draw the two Saints further into the forest.

When they recover, they are confronted by Aioria who has been tasked by the Pope to destroy the Bronze Saints and retrieve the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. Urging Seiya to run, Shaina unsuccesfully charge at Aioria and is simply knocked out.

Desperately trying to fight back against the Gold Saint, Seiya unleash his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken which only seem to move through Aioria. With or without his Cloth, Seiya is no match, but Aioria spares his life because of Shaina's love for the Bronze Saint when she jumps between them after Aioria launches his attack Shishi no Kiba, wounding her.


As he takes Shaina and prepares to return to Sanctuary, three Silver Saints appears and they attack Seiya viciously.

In a sudden moment the Sagittarius Gold Cloth arrives and equips itself on Seiya, who quickly deals with the three Silver Saints at once.


Aioria, shocked at what just happened, decides to take Seiya more seriously time, and attacks with full force, unleashing the Lightning Bolt. However, the Bronze Saint is able to evade the attack thanks to the Gold Cloth, and retaliates with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken travelling at the speed of light, finally landing a well placed hit on Aioria.

While the two Saints resume their battle, Hyoga and Shun intervene, only to be knocked out by a furious Aioria as they tell the truth about the Pope.

After Athena arrives, Aioria tries to kill her in order to test her true powers as the goddess of wisdom and war, but Seiya steps between, grabbing the Lightning Bolt.

Just then, the soul of Aioros increases the energy in the attack before Seiya launches it at Aioria again, who accepts his defeat shortly after.

When Aioria leaves after redeeming himself for his true goddess, he also informs Seiya about the Gold Cloths and the truth about them, before taking Shaina with him to Sanctuary in order to heal her of her wounds.

The battle of the twelve Houses

Seiya later accompanies Athena and the other Bronze Saints to Sanctuary to fight against the Grand Pope, but first they have to go through the twelve Houses, each guarded by a Gold Saint.

But before they are able to start their journey, Ptolemy attacks Athena and the Bronze Saints with his Phantom Arrow.

Seeing through the illusion, Seiya quickly retaliates with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, wounding the Silver Saint badly.

According to Ptolemy, they have only twelve hours to reach the Pope and bring him back down to Athena in order to remove the arrow, since he is the only one capable of doing it. And in order to make it in time, they have to pass through all twelve Houses within 12 hours, or Saori will die.

With the promise of saving Athena within those 12 hours, the battle of the twelve Houses begins.

House of Aries

Upon reaching the House of Aries, they find it guarded by Mu. Mistaking him for an enemy since he is a Gold Saint standing between them and the staircase leading onward, Shiryu challenges Mu, disappointed of Mu's actions.

However, Mu easily deflects Shiryu's attack, and shatters his already damaged shield. Seiya prepares himself, but Kiki arrives and assures them Mu only wished to show them how damaged their Cloths are, and that if they fight a Gold Saint with those Cloths, they have no chance of victory.

Accepting Mu's offer to repair their Cloths, the Bronze Saints wait an hour, noticing the fire clock while waiting. Equipping their newly repaired Cloths, Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu and Shun press on, determined to save their goddess after being informed by Mu about the Seventh Sense, which will be crucial in order to achieve victory against the Gold Saints.

House of Taurus

The Bronze Saints charge at the entrance to the House of Taurus, but are knocked back by an unseen force. Getting back up and wonder what just happened, Aldebaran emerges from the shadows, laughing as he states they will never pass through his temple without defeating them. Seiya takes the challenge straight ahead and tries to distract Aldebaran, in order to allow the other Bronze Saints passage. However, the Gold Saint easily knocks all three out, leaving Seiya to fight him on his own.

Seiya does not hesitate, and charges straight at Aldebaran, attacking once more with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, but the blow is easily deflected by the Gold Saint, before brutally beating the Bronze Saint with his lightspeed blows.

Seeming defeated, Seiya remembers the teachings of Marin about the Iai sword technique, grasping the power to stand up once more. Stating that he will break Aldebaran's stance, he attacks once more, performing a Big Bang which finally break Aldebaran's stance and pushing him with such force that he is launched into the wall.

Stating that he now will break one of Aldebaran's horns, Seiya is able to see Aldebaran's technique. While Aldebaran keeps attacking Seiya, the Bronze Saint's Cosmo only increases, to the point where he is able to deflect the Gold Saint's Great Horn, sending it back with such force that Aldebaran falls to the ground from the impact..

Although his Cosmo disappear for a moment, Seiya suddenly appears behind Aldebaran, finally breaking the Gold Saint's horn as promised. Accepting defeat, Aldebaran grants Seiya passage, and he resumes his journey while the other Bronze Saints work together to handle Aldebaran.

House of Gemini

Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun arrive at the House of Gemini, but they suddenly notice Seiya coming out of the temple. Noticing that he was at the entrance, Seiya reveals that he tried to break through the temple, and thought he got out when he instead arrived at the entrance.

After a new attempt and noticing the Gemini temple suddenly offering two entrances, Seiya and Shiryu head for one entrance, while Hyoga and Shun take the other entrance.

Seiya and Shiryu encounters the Gemini Gold Saint at last, Shiryu sees through the illusion, and the two Bronze Saints are able to pass through the House and resume their journey onward while Hyoga and Shun fights Gemini.

House of Cancer

Arriving at the House of Cancer, Seiya and Shiryu encounters Deathmask who shows them all the faces of people he have killed, including children.

Preparing to strike Deathmask in anger, Seiya is stopped by Shiryu who sends him ahead while fighting Deathmask by himself. Unleashing his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, Seiya manages to distract Deathmask long enough to pass through before Shiryu draws the Gold Saint's attention.

House of Leo

Pegasus Seiya vs. Leo Aioria

Reaching the House of Leo, Seiya is relieved to see Aioria guarding the temple as he was certain of. Getting straight to the point, Seiya urges Aioria to allow him passage through the House of Leo, but Aioria simply states that he will kill anyone who tries to pass. Shocked to hear his answer after swearing allegiance to Athena, Seiya is unable to react in time when Aioria unleash a strike at the speed of light, causing Seiya heavy wounds.

After being attacked once more, Seiya decides to treat Aioria as an enemy and defeat him with all his might, retaliating against the Gold Saint. However, Seiya suffers another wave of Aioria's attacks while charging with his own Cosmo.

During their battle, Seiya is finally able to see through Aioria's lightspeed blows after receiving Marin's Cosmo, who had arrived to help Seiya but fell during her fight with Jaki. Avoiding Aioria's attacks, Seiya lands a kick on the Gold Saint's face. However, while thinking about his increasing Cosmo due to Marin, Aioria appears behind Seiya, with the red eyes of a demon, attacking in wild frenzy against the young Bronze Saint with dozens of Lightning Bolts.

Desperately fighting back, Seiya's leg is broken and after unsuccesfully unleashing a Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, suffers Aioria's ultimate Lightning Plasma, leaving his Cloth and body with heavy injuries.

Before Aioria is able to deal the killing blow, Cassios arrives at the House of Leo. First stating that he wishes revenge on Seiya for his ear, Cassios suddenly strikes at Aioria instead, willingly sacrificing himself in order to awake Aioria, stating that he does not wish Shaina to be sad if Seiya dies.

After Aioria grievously wounds Cassios, the Gold Saint is about to end Seiya's life with the Lightning Plasma, but Cassios steps between the two Saints, taking the full blast himself.

Seeing as Cassios dies, Seiya finally awakens his Seventh Sense once more, performing a Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken which trigger a Big Bang powerful enough to defeat and reopen Aioria's eyes, before reuniting with Shun and Shiryu shortly, heading onward to the House of Virgo.

House of Virgo

Reaching the House of Virgo, the Bronze Saints encounters Shaka. Challenging the Gold Saint to show his true powers, Seiya's charge is easily deflected, leaving him badly wounded.

After several attempts to defeat Shaka, the Gold Saint easily knocks them all out at once with the Tenma Kôfuku. When they later wake up, they notice Ikki is fighting Shaka who now has his eyes open, watching in horror as Ikki sacrifices himself to defeat Shaka.

House of Libra

Arriving at the House of Libra, the Bronze Saints finally find Hyoga who is sealed in a huge coffin of ice, made by Camus. Desperately trying to save his friend, Seiya is unable to even crack the ice with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken.

Suddenly, the Libra Cloth appears to give the Bronze Saints a helping hand. Seeing as Hyoga is almost out of energy and Shiryu and Seiya are more wounded, Shun decides to stay behind to heal Hyoga, willingly sacrificing his life if he has to.

House of Scorpio

Pegasus Seiya -V1, wounded-

Arriving at the House of Scorpio, Seiya and Shiryu are confronted by Miro, the Gold Saint said to have destroyed Andromeda Island. Fighting fiercly, the Bronze Saints are unable to deal Miro any severe damage.

Despite reaching his Seventh Sense, Seiya is only able to scratch Miro's face with his Pegasus Sui Sei Ken, and while trying to attack him at the same time, the Gold Saint easily defeats them with the Scarlet Needle, paralyzing the two Bronze Saints.

However, Hyoga arrives with an unconscious Shun and sends Seiya and Shiryu ahead with Shun while he handles Miro.

House of Sagittarius

Arriving at the House of Sagittarius, the Bronze Saints encounter a series of trials before they see a message Aioros has left behind, awaiting the the day when young warriors of hope would arrive, entrusting Athena and the safety of the world to them.

House of Capricorn

Moving onward, the Bronze Saints make way through the House of Capricorn without stumbling upon it's guardian.

However, before they can make way any further, a huge slash of Cosmo splits the earth, prompting Shiryu to push Seiya, Hyoga and Shun to the other side while he remains at the House of Capricorn to face off against Shura.

As they move onward, they notice Shiryu soaring into the sky in a sacrificial move to defeat Shura.

When the dragon fades away, the remaining Bronze Saints mourn their friend's passing.

House of Aquarius

Having little time to mourn Shiryu's sacrifice, Seiya, Hyoga and Shun find themselves confronted by Camus. Sending Seiya and Shun ahead, Hyoga stays at the House of Aquarius to settle things with his master.

When their duel ends, Seiya tells Shun to not look back before heading to the final House.

House of Pisces

Arriving at the House of Pisces, Seiya and Shun are confronted by Aphrodite, the one who killed Shun's master.

Wanting revenge for his master and Seiya to move onward, Shun remains at the House of Pisces to fight the Gold Saint while Seiya moves onward.

Demon Rose Path

While charging to the Pope's Chambers, Seiya is stung by the thorns of the roses which cover the entire path to the Pope's Chambers, also breathing in the pollen.

Shortly after, he collapses but Marin arrives in order to save him. Giving him her mask, she attempts to carry him to the Pope' Chambers, but collapse to the pollen she inhales from the roses.

In anger, Seiya gives her mask back before removing all the roses with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken.

Just then, Shaina appears and promise him to look after Marin while he goes onward.

Grand Pope's Chamber

After all the Bronze Saints have sacrificed themselves to defeat the last of the Gold Saints, Seiya is the only one who reaches the Pope's Chamber. Desperate to save Athena, Seiya charges at the Pope who unmasks himself, hitting him right in the stomach which seems to do no damage at all.

Instead, the Pope cries, lamenting for being unable to rescue Athena, before informing the Bronze Saint about the shield of Athena which is at the statue of Athena behind him. Seiya moves onward, but he is suddenly told to wait, turning around to see the Pope's hair changing color from blue to a more white color. In a sudden movement, the Pope strikes Seiya with a powerful lightspeed blow.

Oblivious to what just happened, Seiya decides to retaliate with the Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, but the Pope simply removes his robes and summon his Gemini Gold Cloth, revealing himself as Gemini Saga.

Seiya is shocked as the Gold Saint attacks with his Another Dimension. However, due to Saga's personalities struggling, Seiya is able to survive the attack, and once more finds himself in the Pope's Chambers.

Furious at being interrupted, Saga removes Seiya's senses, one by one. However, Seiya is still able to burn his Cosmo to a point where he briefly manages to knock out the Gold Saint with a Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken moving at the speed of light. But the Gold Saint quickly stands up, prompting Seiya to use his Pegasus Rolling Crush in a desperate move.

His efforts prove useless, and he is further beaten by the Gold Saint until Ikki arrives to rescue his friend.

Statue of Athena

Moving onward to the statue of Athena, Seiya is able to get a hold of the shield after struggling due to his wounds suffered through the numerous battles through the Houses.

When Seiya sees Athena, he lifts up the shield as Saga arrives and knocks the Bronze Saint unconscious. However, the shield is able to save Athena, removing the golden arrow in her chest.

Now with no other goal as Athena is saved, Saga brutally beats Seiya swearing to slowly tear him apart. However, before he is able to land the final blow, Ikki once more arrives to resume the battle, but is easily defeated by the Gold Saint.

As Athena arrives along with the remaining Gold Saints, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun and the Bronze Saints from the Galaxian Wars, Seiya manages to stand up once more, burning his Cosmo to the Seventh Sense along with his friends, and together they finally destroy Saga's evil side with Seiya's final Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, before falling unconscious, having won the battle of the twelve Houses of the Zodiac at last.


After the battle against the Gold Saints, with Seiya's Cloth shattered, and in need of repairs, his Cloth is resurrected by the blood of Aioria and now have the endurance of a Gold Cloth.

When the God Warrior Mizar Zeta Syd arrives, Seiya and Shun arrive with their new Bronze Cloths to defend Athena.

Although they are unable to defeat the God Warrior, Seiya is able to wound him with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken while increasing his Cosmo, and as the remaining three Bronze Saints arrives at Athena's side with their new Cloths as well, Syd retreats, taunting Seiya before leaving.


Seiya's first opponent in Asgard is the gigantic God Warrior Thor. Taking out Shun and Hyoga with his Mjolnir Hammer, Thor launches the hammers at Seiya as well, but he is able to dodge them before he tries to retaliate. Just then, Thor prepares another technique right away, launching his Titanic Hercules, which sends Seiya down the icy mountains.

Thor tries to crush Seiya's body, but the Bronze Saint instead grabs the foot of the God Warrior, stating that the battle has simply started, evading the giant's second attack, retaliating with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken which is easily deflected, and Thor launches another Titanic Hercules against the Bronze Saint.

During the battle, Marin reminds Seiya of how he managed to awaken his Seventh Sense while fighting the Gold Saints, and with that in mind, Seiya stand up once again. The God Warrior, impressed and annoyed by Seiya's bravery, decides to kill him once and for all, but Seiya manages to see the Titanic Hercules this time, evading the attack and grabbing Thor's arm, before he plunges the God Warrior into the ground, leaving Thor shocked at what just happened.

As he stands up from the ice, Seiya takes the chance to finally land a Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken which seems to damage Thor, sending him into the icy mountains. Thinking he has won, Seiya rushes to Hyoga and Shun, but he suddenly notice a gigantic Cosmo from the ice rubble, and Thor once more attacks Seiya, this time with a far more powerful Cosmo, which leaves Seiya unable to see through the Titanic Hercules, and he is defeated once again.

Before Seiya faces complete defeat, Shiryu arrives to save his friend in the nick of time, before informing him about the Nibelungen Ring.

In order to destroy the ring, they must defeat all 7 God Warriors in order to get the Balmung Sword which is the only thing capable of saving Hilda.

Resuming his attacks against Thor, Seiya is easily defeated once again and falls down the icy mountains, where he feels Athena's Cosmo as she talks to him, reminding him of the miracles he accomplished with his Cosmo.

Refusing to accept defeat, Seiya once more pursues Thor and is for the first time able to really wound the God Warrior with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, before managing to reflect Thor's Titanic Hercules, leaving the God Warrior shocked.

With the two combatants finally reaching the end of their battle, both charge with their Cosmo at maximum, with Seiya emerging victorius and Thor dies, confident that Seiya will be able to save Hilda and Asgard.


Shortly after Mime's defeat, Seiya suddenly feels the Cosmo of Marin disappearing. Rushing to her last known location, Seiya encounters Alberich who just defeated the Silver Saint, trapping her inside an amethyst.

Furious, Seiya charges straight at Alberich and seems to wound him greatly. Thinking him as one of the easiest God Warriors and that he should have no problem winning this battle, Seiya underestimates Alberich, but the God Warrior tries to launch a surprise attack against Seiya, but the Bronze Saint simply retaliates with his Pegasus Rolling Crash.

Seiya demands the Odin Sapphire from Alberich, but the God Warrior simply smirks and says that if Seiya kills him, Marin will never be rescued from the amethyst she's trapped in. Finding himself placed in a corner, Seiya apologize to Marin and once more launch an attack in anger. However, Alberich is able to dodge the attack this time and summons his Flaming Sword, fighting at a faster pace which Seiya seems to struggle against.

Tricking Seiya once more, Alberich is able to cut his shoulder and legs, which Seiya states as cowardly. Alberich simply says that he will use any means neccesary to win the battle, and tries to charge at Seiya once more, but the Bronze Saint retaliates, knocking the sword out of his hand, but at the cost of further wounding himself.

Exhausted and unable to fight back, Seiya faces a crushing defeat when Alberich uses Amethyst Shield, leaving Seiya to the same fate as Marin. He is, however, rescued after Shiryu kills the God Warrior after a lengthy battle.


When Seiya arrives at the statue of Odin, he encounters Siegfried and attack the God Warrior, in spite of already being wounded from his previous battles with Thor and Alberich. In spite of fighting with everything he has, he is easily defeated by the mighty God Warrior.

However, after Ikki fought and also lost to Siegfried, Seiya stand up once more and burns his Cosmo in order to achieve a miracle that will allow him to win. However, it is not enough and Siegfried retaliates with his Dragon Bravest Blizzard.

In a sudden moment, Shaina tries to shield Seiya and they are both attacked and knocked out. When they recover, they see Shiryu challenging Siegfried, fighting a violent battle between two dragons. Although Shiryu is exhausted, he is able to reveal Siegfried's weakness, before collapsing to his injuries.

Once more standing up, Seiya tries to fight back and attack Siegfried's weak spot, but as he struggles to defeat the God Warrior, he is instead simply knocked back once more. However, he was still successful though in landing several hits on Siegfried's God Robe, wounding the God Warrior. With his friends sending him their Cosmo, Seiya once more stands up, shocking Siegfried.

Burning his Cosmo to the maximum, Seiya is successful in reaching his Seventh Sense and finally overpower Siegfried's Dragon Bravest Blizzard with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, reaching the God Warrior's weak spot and winning the battle.


Shortly after defeating Siegfried, the Marina General Sorrento arrives, informing them of Poseidon's plot to rule the surface world through Hilda. Refusing to accept this, Seiya challenges Sorrento but is no match as his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken only seem to pass through the Marina General.

However, Siegfried resumes the battle instead and sacrifice himself after giving Seiya the final Odin Sapphire.


After Siegfried's sacrifice to defeat Sorrento, Seiya tries to get the Odin Robe, but Hilda refuse to allow this to happen, and viciously attacks the Bronze Saint with her Cosmo. Refusing to let their friend die, Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun all step between Seiya and Hilda, using themselves as human shields against Hilda's attacks.

When Seiya reach the stairsteps to Odin's statue, Hilda tries to throw her spear at the Bronze Saint, only for Ikki to step between the two instead.

Shortly after, Seiya is also sent down the mountain, before being encouraged by Saga to once more climb back up and fight as a Saint of Athena. At that moment, the Odin Robe arrives and wrap itself around Seiya, granting him the use of the Balmung Sword which is capable of destroying the Nibelungen Ring.

With newfound strength, Seiya retaliates against the Nibelungen Ring's power and is about to destroy it as Hilda taunts Seiya that destroying the ring will also kill her. Hesitating, Seiya is caught off guard and Hilda launches a surprise attack against the Bronze Saint, knocking him unconscious.

However, the soul of Odin encourages Seiya to not hesitate and destroy the Ring once and for all. Finally gaining the strength to do so, he manages to slice directly at the ring, but seemingly kills Hilda in the proccess.

Devastated at having killed the one who could prevent the ice in Asgard from melting, Seiya and the other Bronze Saints are surprised to suddenly see Hilda stand up again. Mistaking her for an enemy, they ready themselves for another fight as she approaches the Odin Robe. Grabbing the sword, she instead starts to pray for the ice to not melt, having finally regained her kind and gentle personality again.


Making way back to Athena, they find their Goddess unconscious, and they are joyful when they see her standing up, still alive. Although they have a brief moment of reunion, a large wave suddenly strikes the Saints. Upon recovering, they notice Athena is gone.

Realizing that the one of launched the wave and kidnapped Athena is Poseidon, the god of the sea, Seiya and Shun search for the entrance to the underwater kingdom, finding nothing. When they return, they learn from Hilda about a place in Asgard where no one dare venture.

Taking that as the entrance to Poseidon's realm, the Bronze Saints venture there and journey down the large whirlpool there, thus starting the battle against Poseidon.

Thetys/Sea Dragon

As they recover at the underwater Sanctuary of Poseidon, they are confronted by Thetys and Sea Dragon. Attempting to challenge Sea Dragon, Seiya and Shun are easily knocked out. When dozens of underwater soldiers attack, the Bronze Saints quickly deal with them all, annoying Sea Dragon.

When Seiya then states that it will be more equal if the strongest forces come at them, Sea Dragon simply leaves, entrusting Thetys to inform the Bronze Saints and stating that he will be waiting for them at his Pillar.

Learning from Thetys that in order to save Athena, who is now inside the Main Breadwinner, the Bronze Saints have to destroy the seven Mammoth Pillars supporting the ocean, or the Main Breadwinner will not even be scratched.

However, destroying them will not be a trivial challenge, as each Mammoth Pillar is guarded by one of the strongest units serving Poseidon, the Marina Generals whose power equals that of the Gold Saints.

North Pacific Mammoth Pillar

Hearing this, Seiya and Shun split up, with Seiya heading toward the North Pacific Mammoth Pillar where he finds himself challenged by the Marina General Baian. Underestimating his opponent, Seiya charge at the General, only to find his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken reflected by strange waves.

In a sudden moment, Baian appears behind Seiya, using his God Breath which launches Seiya into the wall with a mighty force. Stating that he will simply stand up endlessly until Baian is defeated, the General use his Rising Billows, which sends Seiya back to the surface.

However, he is able to return back to the Mammoth Pillar and attack Baian with a greater Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, leaving cracks on his barrier. Stating that he once fought Misty who had the same ability, Seiya manages to overpower the General before his Cloth suddenly starts to glow like a Gold Cloth.

Remembering that when the Gold Saints repaired their Cloths with their blood, they also added their soul and Cosmo, making the Bronze Cloths as durable and powerful as the Gold Cloths when reaching maximum power.

With his newfound strength realized, Seiya is able to crack Baian's Scale with his punches, before Baian once more tries to kill the Bronze Saint with his God Breath.

At that time, Hyoga arrives and is told by Seiya to not interfere in their battle, stating that an attack never works twice against a Saint. Enraged, Baian attempts to use the Rising Billows, but Seiya awakens his Seventh Sense and retaliates faster than Baian is able to attack, and further cracks Baian's Scale with his Pegasus Sui Sei Ken, defeating the General at last.

When Shiryu arrives as well, Seiya informs them of their mission to destroy the Mammoth Pillars in order to save Athena. As the two Bronze Saints move on and split up, Seiya resumes his quest to destroy the Pillar, only for his attacks to have no effect at all. Deciding to use all his Cosmo and take the Pillar down with him, Kiki arrives in time with the Libra Cloth to help the Bronze Saints. Using one of Dohko's shields, Seiya is finally able to destroy the North Pacific Mammoth Pillar.

Antarctic Mammoth Pillar

While Seiya search for the next Pillar, he suddenly encounters Marin who run away after seeing him. When Seiya arrives at the Antarctic Mammoth Pillar, he sees Marin again who convinces him that she is his sister Seika.

After Seiya share a hug with his sister, the shadow of Marin change to a mysterious figure before Seiya suddenly is stabbed by Marin, who reveals herself to be a false image created by Kasa.

Throne Room of Poseidon

When Seiya later recovers, he notice that the Pillar has already been destroyed, but before he can go to the next Pillar, he senses Shaina's Cosmo disappearing, so he quickly travels to find her. When he arrives, he finds himself at the throne room of Poseidon, before seeing the sea god in person and a defeated Shaina.

Charging straight at the sea god with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, Seiya is easily defeated and almost killed as Shiryu and Hyoga arrive to defend their friend, although they are easily beaten too. Later, the Sagittarius Cloth come to Seiya's aid, but his attacks are still easily deflected.

Attempting to shoot Poseidon with the Sagittarius arrow, Seiya is shocked when Poseidon simply reflects it and the arrow pierce Seiya's chest.

Removing the arrow and preparing to shoot Poseidon once again, Seiya states that he will do it over and over again until he succeeds. Releasing the arrow, only to see it reflected, Seiya awaits his death but Shaina suddenly intervenes, taking the arrow in his stead.

Mourning and stating that she does not want Seiya to die, Seiya shoots again as Shaina says she will be his shield. Once more reflecting the arrow, Seiya, Shaina and Poseidon are shocked to see as Shiryu steps between them this time, taking the arrow to his chest.

Shortly after, Hyoga and Shun also stand between Seiya and Poseidon, giving Seiya their Cosmo which finally allows him to shoot Poseidon's crown off, as he is unable to deflect the Cosmo of the five Saints combined.

Main Breadwinner

Reaching the Main Breadwinner, the Saints are attacked by Poseidon again, now fully awoken. When Poseidon tries to kill Seiya, Hyoga steps between and is given the Aquarius Gold Cloth to fight with.

Shortly after, Shiryu dons the Libra Gold Cloth and the three Saints combine their Cosmo and manages to stun Poseidon with the Pegasus Sui Sei KenAurora Execution, and Rozan Sho Ryu Ha, before they try to destroy the Main Breadwinner, although they are unsuccessful, damaging only the Libra weapons.

When Poseidon once more stand up and prepares to kill them, Ikki suddenly arrives and restrain the god while urging them to hurry up and save Athena, being unable to hold of Poseidon for long. Gathering their Cosmo to him, Seiya charge straight at the Main Breadwinner.

Shortly after Poseidon defeats Ikki and Shun who arrived to protect Ikki, the four Bronze Saints all burn their Cosmo to the maximum, sending it to Seiya, allowing him to reflect the attack from Poseidon's trident. Finally, Seiya manage to destroy the Main Breadwinner and succesfully rescue Athena.

When they emerge from the ruins of the Main Breadwinner, Poseidon is furious at having failed to kill Athena, and attempts to throw his trident at Athena. However, Seiya steps between the two deities, taking the trident into his chest, severely wounding him. As he removes the trident, he collapses unconscious to his injuries.

After Athena succesfully seals Poseidon, she use her Cosmo to bring her and all the Saints back home to the surface, ending the battle against Poseidon.


House of Aries

After the battle against Poseidon, Seiya arrives at the Sanctuary, shocked at finding Mu wounded and beaten, as well as former Gold Saints Deathmask and Aphrodite alive. Hearing about Hades and Specters, Seiya decides to fight as one of Athena's Saints, but Mu tells Seiya that he and his friends are not wanted in the battle, as Athena herself has ordered the Gold Saints to kill them if they do not leave the Sanctuary.

However, Seiya still refuses those orders and engage Deathmask after equiping his damaged Cloth. Gaining the upper hand with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken due to his increased Cosmo, he is suddenly interrupted when Mu attacks him from behind, reminding him of his orders.

Mu then sends Seiya away with the Starlight Extinction, ending up at the Colosseum where he received his Pegasus Cloth, reuniting with Shiryu.

House of Cancer

Seiya and Shiryu once more traverse the stairs through the Sanctuary until Shiryu feel a familiar Cosmo. Leaving Shiryu to investigate the Cosmo, Seiya appears again at the House of Cancer just in time to save Mu from a horde of Specters.

Challenging the Specter Gigante, Seiya is easily defeated when the Specter evades his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken with little effort. Seiya berates the Specter for hiding in the shadows, and the two are about to resume their battle, but an unknown figure interrupts, sending the Specters ahead before engaging Seiya and Mu on his own.

When they see a large blob-like creature, they are shocked as the blob reveals himself as Papillon Myu. Challenging the creature, Seiya is barely pulled away as Myu attacks with his Ugly Eruption, which Mu deflects with the Crystal Wall. As the Specter unleash his Silky Thread, the two Saints are completely entangled in the threads.

Shortly after Shiryu, Shun and Hyoga arrive at the House before resuming, Mu is able to break free from the Silky Thread before helping Seiya break free as well. While they observe in order to find out where Myu has gone, they suddenly see a large cocoon similar to those they were trapped in, hang from the roof of the House. Myu reveals his plan to buy time in order to reveal his true form, before emerging with large butterfly wings.

Once more engaging the Specter, Seiya is attacked with psychokinesis. However, Seiya manages to resist the psychokinesis which truly horrifies Myu who was able to restrain Mu's movements with that technique.

Preparing himself again, Seiya is interrupted by Mu who sends him ahead with the promise to fix his Cloth, due to its terrible condition after the battle against Poseidon.

House of Virgo

When they arrive at the House of Virgo along with Aioria, they are grieved by the loss of Shaka after his battle against the three former Gold Saints who used the Athena Exclamation. When the three former Gold Saints reveal themselves to Aioria, Mu and the Bronze Saints, Miro arrives and after a brief confrontation, the Gold Saints and the former Gold Saints clash with the Athena Exclamation.

However, the Bronze Saints manage to neutralize the clash of the Athena Exclamation after burning their Cosmo to the limit beyond the Seventh Sense, with Seiya using his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken in order to send the Athena Exclamation to the sky where it explodes, leaving the Sanctuary unharmed.

Statue of Athena

Recovering from the blast, the Bronze Saints desperately try to reach the statue of Athena, but due to being exhausted and wounded from the confrontation at the House of Virgo, they are unable to make it in time, feeling Athena's Cosmo disappear as she takes her own life.

When they arrive at the statue, they notice the golden dagger and Athena's blood, lamenting on being useless. Just then, Shion arrives and insults the Bronze Saints in being useless and only Saints in title. Attacking the former Pope with their remaining strength, the four Bronze Saints are easily defeated.

Listening to what Shion has to say, the Bronze Saints realize that even in death the Saints would never betray Athena and all their actions so far was in order for Athena to prepare herself to defeat Hades in the underworld.

Using Athena's blood, Shion restores Athena's Cloth which will be crucial for Athena if she is to win the Holy War. As he informs the Bronze Saints to defeat Hades, he bestows their Bronze Cloths with the same blood, awakening them to their most powerful form.

After Shion entrusts Athena to them, the Bronze Saints then head on to join Aioria, Mu and Miro who went on ahead to the earthly castle of Hades.

Hades' Castle

Arriving at the castle, they challenge Rhadamanthys, one of the three Judges of the underworld, but the Gold Saints send them on ahead as they are no match for the Wyvern. Sacrificing themselves, the Gold Saints launch their final techniques Starlight ExtinctionScarlet Needle and Lightning Plasma at Rhadamanthys, but all three of them are defeated by his Greatest Caution.

Meanwhile, the Bronze Saints encounter Shura, Saga and Camus who are slowly dying due to their 12 hours almost reaching and end, they later move on after dealing with Zelos. Just then, they notice Pandora walking down the stairs, before they hear a harp.

Rushing to see who's playing, they notice Rhadamanthys unharmed, who states that he has killed the three Gold Saints. Refusing to let the Judge mock the Gold Saints and wanting revenge for their comrades, the Bronze Saints charge at the Specter, but they are all easily defeated one by one.

Not wanting to give up, Seiya stands up and is able to crack a little piece of Rhadamanthys' Surplice, which enrages the Judge. As he tries to kill Seiya, the other Bronze Saints unleash another round of their techniques, but Rhadamanthys easily defeats them all with his Greatest Caution.

Refusing to give up, Seiya burns his Cosmo and is able to land a hit on the Judge for the first time with his Pegasus Sui Sei Ken, before his Cloth turns golden and he sends himself along with the Wyvern down to the underworld.

Acheron River


Awakening, Seiya finds himself alive in the underworld. Finding Shun and hearing about the Eight Sense, the two Bronze Saints move on to find Hades, only to find themselves challenged by the Specter Charon at the Acheron River. Charging straight at his enemy, Seiya's Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken is easily reflected by Charon's Rolling Oar, and Shun intervenes before the two combatants are able to resume their fight.

As they wait for Charon to take them to the other side of the Acheron River, they are shocked when he tells them that they are not even halfway, before suddenly being struck into the water by the Specter. Rescued by Shun's chains, Seiya once more retaliates and is able to hit Charon for the first time, sending him into the water.

When he tells them that only he knows the river and promising to take them to the other side, Shun drags him aboard once more, but the Specter tricks them yet again as he tries to kill Seiya with the oar.

Refusing to let go, Seiya is instead further wounded by Charon's strongest attack Edying Current Crusher. However, once again changing his mind to let the Bronze Saints passage after seeing a sign of trust in Shun despite being tricked twice, they finally reach the other side of the river, where Seiya and Charon once more clash, with the Pegasus killing the Specter.

First Prison


Arriving at the First Prison, the Bronze Saints encounter Rune, who is in charge of the First Prison in Minos' abscence. Charging at the Specter, Seiya is forced by Rune's Reincarnation to see through his past battles against opponents he has wounded.

After stating it was all for justice, Seiya is sent to the Sixth Prison and his near death, but is saved by Shun's Nebula Chain, bringing him back to the First Prison.

The Bronze Saints later meet up with Kanon who berates them for their weak determination, before sending them ahead as he faces Rhadamanthys.

Second Prison


Arriving at the Second Prison, Seiya and Shun encounters Pharaoh and Cerberus. Desperately fighting the Specter and the hellhound, the two Bronze Saints suffer a close defeat.

However, the legendary Silver Saint Orphée arrives and at first seems to betray them by attacking them with his Stringer Nocturne, but later they find themselves wounded but alive at a large field of flowers.

Flower Gardens


There, they meet Eurydice who informs them about her death, and Orphée's loyalty and love to her, stating his reason to serve Hades. When Pharaoh attacks again, Orphée decides to join the Saints when Pharao reveals that Eurydice is stuck in the underworld because of him, and he kills the Specter before bringing Seiya and Shun to Giudecca through a shortcut.



Arriving at the Giudecca, Seiya fights Rhadamanthys in order to keep him busy while Orphée charges at Hades, only to see that Hades looks exactly like Shun. When Rhadamanthys grabs Orphée, the Silver Saint immobilize the Specter before urging Seiya to kill him and take down Rhadamanthys as well.

Burning his Cosmo up to the Eight Sense, Seiya executes a Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, killing Orphée and suprisingly doing nothing to the Judge. After Hades reveals himself in Shun, Seiya is quickly defeated by Rhadamanthys' Greatest Caution and sent to the eight prison, Cocytus.



While in Cocytus, Seiya notice Aioria, Mu and Miro as well. Shortly after, he sees Ikki being put down, before meeting the Specter Valentine. Challenging the Specter by stating he has Athena's Cloth, the Specter frees him and the two battle.

Having been in Cocytus for long, Seiya struggles to defeat the powerful Specter as he can not burn his Cosmo properly, and is easily defeated.

Refusing to stand down and accept defeat, Seiya keeps struggling against the Specter despite his weakened body and Cosmo, being once more knocked down as Valentine unleash his Greet The Live, damaging Seiya's left shoulder on his Cloth.

However, after hearing Athena's voice and feeling her Cosmo in Athena's Cloth, Seiya is able to kill the Specter at last with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, and makes haste back to Giudecca after noticing Athena and Hades' Cosmo disappearing.

Wall of Grief

Regrouping with Shun, free from Hades' possesion, the two Bronze Saints make their way up the staircases, finding a huge wall in front of them, as well as a wounded Shaka.

Learning that there is no way to breach the wall, Seiya tries to use one of the Libra weapons, hoping to inflict at least a little bit damage. However, he is interrupted as all the Gold Cloths arrive to help. With all 12 Gold Saints returned to life, Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun are told to find cover, as the explosion from the impact will kill the Gold Saints.


While waiting, they face Minos who easily defeats them all, but before he can kill the Bronze Saints with his Cosmic Marionettion, the Gold Saints attack the Wall of Grief, and the explosion consumes them all, wounds Minos and destroys the wall. Returning to the site and noticing the Gold Saints are gone, the Bronze Saints mourn their comrades' deaths before moving onward to Elysium.

Path to Elysium

Now with the path open, the Bronze Saints make their way towards Elysium, but they are ambushed by Minos who managed to survive. With Hyoga dealing with Minos, Seiya and Shun resume towards Elysium, only to be attacked by pressure, feeling as they are almost torn apart.

Suddenly, Seiya's Cloth sprouts wings, which allows him to safely recover Shun and move on to Elysium. Realizing that their Cloths are protected by the blood of Athena, thus they are not torn apart by the dimension between the underworld and Elysium, and the two Bronze Saints continue their journey.



Arriving first in Elysium, Seiya encounters Thanatos, who starts to attack the Pegasus without mercy. However, Seiya refuses to give up now that he has managed to come this far, and retaliates against the god only to be overpowered at every single attempt. Although he surprises Thanatos with his Pegasus Sui Sei Ken, the Bronze Saint is only able to remove the robe he's wearing, which reveal the god's Surplice beneath.

Thanatos prepares to kill Seiya, but he notice a bruise on two of his fingers. Furious at having actually been hit by a mere mortal, Thanatos decides to torture Seiya, viciously beating him before attempting to kill him. As he feels Seika's presence on Earth, the god of death decides to kill her first in order to further torture Seiya. The Bronze Saint tries to retaliate with the Pegasus Rolling Crush, but Thanatos instead disappear, and Seiya only wounds himself further.

Unable to fight back any further, Seiya is saved when Shun arrives to save his friend, only to be defeated just as easily. Although Shiryu, Hyoga and Ikki also arrive and challenge Thanatos, they too are easily defeated, although Ikki is able to destroy Thanatos' headgear.

With all the Bronze Saints defeated, the god of death attacks them once more, destroying their Cloths. Even when the Gold Cloths arrive to aid Seiya and his friends, they are easily destroyed by the god, and they have nothing left to fight back with.

However, after hearing Athena's voice again and hearing Seika screaming his name, Seiya stands up and burns his Cosmo to the the level of a god, resurrecting his shattered Cloth into a God Cloth.

Surprised at seeing what powers his Cloth was hiding due to Athena's blood, he easily deflects Thanatos' Terrible Providence, before retaliating with a Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken which greatly damage the god of death's Surplice, before finally killing him with a Pegasus Sui Sei Ken, moving on to the Temple of Hades, destroying Hypnos' robe and headgear in the proccess.

Grave of Hades

Arriving at the grave of Hades, Seiya tries several attempts at attacking the urn which Athena is trapped in. However, every attempt is reflected, resulting in Seiya also losing his headgear. When Ikki arrives, he charges straight at the soul of Hades which levitates above the palace where his body resides.

Easily reflected, Ikki laments that he won't be able to do much without his Cloth, and is suddenly given a God Cloth after touching Athena's blood.


With the help of Ikki, Seiya decides to attack Hades directly, only for the god of the underworld himself to resurrect and attack the two Saints. Before he can kill Seiya, the timely arrival of Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun, also awoken to their God Cloths, help Seiya and Ikki, although the combined powers of all five Bronze Saints are not enough, and they are easily beaten by Hades.

However, Athena puts the Saints in orbs, sending them away as they are slowly making way back to Earth. Before Hades is able to kill Athena, Seiya burst out of his orb and launces a powerful Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, finally wounding Hades for the first time, but at the cost of Hades' sword piercing him.

While Seiya falls unconscious due to the injury from the sword, Athena and the other Bronze Saints overpower Hades and finally kill him.

As a Legendary Saint

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Powers and Abilities

Speed of Sound

Being a Bronze Saint, Seiya is able to launch attacks at Mach 1, the speed of sound. Ordinary humans are unable to see what just happened, although other Saints of higher rank are able to see it clearly.

Speed of Light

Upon reaching the Seventh Sense and later Eight Sense, Seiya's attacks become so fast that even a Gold Saint is unable to see the attack before it reaches him, thus travelling at 300 000 km/s, maybe even surpassing that speed.


Athough Seiya is a Bronze Saint, he has been able to fight on the same level as a Gold Saint, due to achieving the Seventh Sense, which he succesfully awakens during the battle of the twelve Houses where he fights the Gold Saints Aldebaran, Aioria and Saga.

He has also achieved the Eight Sense, allowing him to go to the underworld without being subject to it's laws.

Whenever he burns his Cosmo, Seiya is surrounded by a blue aura.


Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken (Pegasus Meteor Fist)

Seiya elevates and burns his Cosmo, tracing the Stars of the Pegasus Constellation with his hands, his fiery aura growing and flowing around him. Upon reaching the peak of his power, said aura manifests as the image of a Pegasus.

Focusing his Cosmo within his right fist, he releases a great quantity of his power in the form of many Beams of Cosmic Energy.

Originally, when Seiya was only capable of reaching speeds of Mach 1, he was capable of releasing approximately 84 meteors pr. second.

However, as his Cosmo and speed increase, so does the number of Meteors being around 100 Million to 1 Billion at Faster than Light Speeds, and likely Hundreds of Trillions in his most powerful forms.

Pegasus Sui Sei Ken (Pegasus Comet Fist)

Seiya's most powerful attack. He burns his Cosmo to the limit, heavily focusing his energy in his right fist.

Then, instead of releasing said energy in the form of his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, Seiya combines each of his Meteors into one massive, extremely powerful Comet of Cosmo Energy, which he fires towards his opponent.

Pegasus Rolling Crush

Rushing towards his opponent, Seiya grapples his foe from behind to immobilize them.

Then, burning his Cosmo to its limit, both Seiya and his enemy are surrounded by a massive aura, which eventually propels both Seiya and his enemy towards the skies above at insane speeds.

Finally, they descend to the Earth again at the same speed, eventually crashing into the ground, dealing great damage.


During his journey from obtaining the Pegasus Cloth, Seiya has accomplished several feats and achieved dozens of miracles.

Galaxian Wars Arc.

  • He managed to block Cassios fist with one hand, whose size is almost 3 times larger than himself.
  • Upon wearing his Cloth for the first time in excitement, Seiya unleashed a punch at Mach 1, wounding Shaina who, unknown to Seiya, is a Silver Saint.
  • Upon remembering to destroy the strongest weapons of the opponent, Seiya managed to destroy the atoms in Geki's bracers before shattering the rest of his Cloth with hundreds of kicks.
  • In his fight against Shiryu, Seiya managed to see Shiryu's weak point after being hit once by the Rozan 'Sho Ryu Ha'.
  • After seeing Shiryu's weak point, Seiya manages to act fast enough to hit his heart in a millisecond.

Black Saints Arc.

  • Seiya has managed to defeat several of the Black Phoenix Saints without his Pegasus Cloth.
  • In his fight against Black Pegasus with his newly repaired Cloth, Seiya manages to defeat one of the strongest Black Saints without sustaining any major injuries in the battle, although the effects from the battle reveal themselves later.
  • During his battle against Ikki, he managed to shatter his Phoenix Cloth once and later defeat the strongest Bronze Saint with the help of his friends.

Pope Arles' Minions

  • During the Bronze Saints' assault on the Caribbean Islands, Seiya managed to defeat Sea Serpent along with Hyoga, Jellyfish with Shun's aid and Gheist by himself.

Silver Saints Arc.

  • Seiya managed to see through and deflect Misty's Mavrou Trippa, who is a far more powerful Saint than himself.
  • Upon arriving at the beach again where Asterion and Moses await, Seiya unleashed a powerful punch which neither of the Silver Saints were able to predict in time.
  • After hearing that Marin may be his sister, Seiya unleashed a powerful Cosmo allowing him to break Moses' arm and kill him in one hit.
  • Shortly after returning from the hospital, Seiya easily managed to defeat a Black Saint during a skirmish on Death Queen Island despite having broken his right arm earlier.
  • With the aid of Sho, Seiya easily killed Arachne with one attack after putting on his Cloth.

Gold Saints Arc.

  • Despite Aioria allowing him after wounding Shaina, Seiya burned his Cosmo so much that his punch caused Aioria to bleed from his mouth.
  • After being given the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, Seiya managed to equal Aioria in speed, evading his Lightning Bolt with little effort.
  • When Saori revealed herself and Aioria attempted to attack her, Seiya managed to grab the Lightning Bolt before the soul of Aioros allowed him to repel the attack against Aioria.

The battle of the twelve Houses Arc.

  • Upon arriving at the Sanctuary, Seiya easily defeated Ptolemy who is a Silver Saint, without wearing his own Cloth.
  • During his battle against Aldebaran at the house of Taurus, Seiya slowly awoke the Seventh Sense which allows him to block the Gold Saint's Great Horn before breaking his golden horn, a near impossible feat.
  • In his battle against Aioria, despite his leg being broken and suffering massive damage from the mind-controlled Gold Saint, Seiya managed to awaken the Seventh Sense and unleash a Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken with the power equal to a Big Bang.
  • Despite all his injuries at the final battle against Saga, Seiya awoke the Seventh Sense and unleashed a Big Bang powered 'Pegasus 'Ryu Sei Ken which destroyed Saga's evil side once and for all.

Asgard Arc.

  • Although suffering a hidden Viking Tiger Claw at the same time, Seiya managed to unleash an attack powerful enough to slightly wound Syd.
  • Upon awakening his Seventh Sense, Seiya managed to overpower Thor by repelling his Titanic Hercules before killing him in a final clash.
  • Confronting Siegfried with the Cosmo of Athena and all his friends, Seiya managed to surpass the strongest God Warrior and achieve victory.
  • Wearing the Odin Robe, Seiya managed to overcome Hilda's destructive powers and destroy the Nibelungen Ring.

Poseidon Arc.

  • With the aid of Aioria's blood and Cosmo in his Cloth, Seiya managed to break Baian's Scale with little effort.
  • Although unable to defeat him, Seiya managed to stand his ground against Poseidon who is a god.
  • Seiya has survived a direct hit from Poseidon's trident to the chest.

Hades Arc.

  • Without wearing his Cloth, Seiya is both able to stop a kick from Deathmask as well as wound him before engaging him in equal combat after equipping his Cloth.
  • Seiya, along with Shiryu, Shun and Hyoga have managed to stop the clash of two Athena Exclamation attacks with their own Cosmo and attacks and survived the outcome.
  • During the Saints' invasion in the Underworld, Seiya has managed to defeat several Specters such as Charon and Valentine, even holding his own against Rhadamanthys, one of the three strongest Specters serving Hades.
  • In Elysium, after being confronted by Thanatos and challenged to battle, Seiya managed to inflict small bruises on the god's fingers despite the difference between their powers.
  • After the Sagittarius Gold Cloth is shattered, Seiya managed to burn his Cosmo to the next level and achieved the legendary God Cloth which allowed him to easily surpass Thanatos and kill him.
  • Seiya has managed to wound Hades while wearing his God Cloth, repeating the miracle the past Pegasus Saints have accomplished.

Cloths he has worn during his journey


  • Seiya is the same age during all the seasons of Saint Seiya, being 13 years.
  • While performing the "Ryu Sei Ken" while wearing the first Bronze Cloth, the yellow wristband he used in the first episode as part of his training outfit may be seen on his upper left arm at times.
  • During the battle against Rhadamanthys, Seiya's Cloth glows like a Gold Cloth before he throws himself and the Wyvern down to the underworld. That is the last time a Bronze Cloth has been seen with the glow of a Gold Cloth.
  • Seiya was able to resist Myu's psychokinesis, something not even Mu was capable of, indicating how strong Seiya's willpower and Cosmo truly is.
  • Why Seiya's new Cloth did not glow like a Gold Cloth during the Asgard battle is a curious question, not revealing that ability before the Poseidon saga, and he did awaken his Seventh Sense while fighting the God Warriors.