Perseus Argol
Argol is the Perseus Silver Saint and one of the Saints Shaina chose to accompany her to ambush the Bronze Saints while they try to get information about Sanctuary.


Argol has dark green hair and blue eyes. While wearing his Cloth, he wears a black outfit.


Argol is very overconfident, and is really furious when he hears that Misty and the other Silver Saints were defeated by Bronze Saints, swearing that he will turn them to stone.

Sanctuary Arc.

He makes his first appearance along with Shaina and Spartan, chosing Shun as his opponent while Seiya fights Shaina, and Shiryu faces Spartan. As Shaina is defeated, Argol turns Shun and Seiya to stone before facing Shiryu who was unaffected by the enchantment due to his shield. As Spartan tries to turn him to stone, Shiryu brawls himself free, turning Spartan to stone, and the two battle a brutal battle, with Shiryu emerging victorious after sacrificing his sight. Argol dies, shocked that he was defeated by someone who was willing to sacrifice so much for victory.


Ra's Al Ghûl Gorgonio: Argol traps his opponents in an illusion of several snakes trapping them before violently exchanging several punches and kicks against them, leaving them grievously wounded.

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