Gemini Saga (Pope)
Grand Pope Ares is the main antagonist of the Sanctuary Arc, and the current ruler over the Sanctuary after the previous Pope's death. His identity is later revealed as the Gemini Gold Saint Saga who killed the previous Pope in order to gain power to rule Sanctuary and thus have a greater chance at killing Athena.


Before revealing himself as the Gemini Gold Saint, Pope Ares dresses in large white robes, covered by red pauldrons with white spikes. He also wears a red helmet, with a blue mask in order to hide his identity. Most of the time, he has white hair, but at the time Seiya arrives at his chamber, he has blue hair.


As his evil side possess Ares during most of the series, it shows a man willing to kill his own goddess and rule the Earth as a god. He shows no mercy, and thinks it's not in anyone's right to deny him his goals to rule the Earth and kill Athena.


Reclaim the Gold Cloth

Ares makes his appearance early, as he instructs several assassins to eliminate the Bronze Saints and reclaim the Sagittarius Gold Cloth at any cost, stating that for the Bronze Saints to have the Gold Cloth, along with the Gold Saints Aries and Libra supporting them, gives them three Gold Cloths total.

Starting by sending several Saints of unknown ranks, Ares is annoyed as they fall one by one to the Bronze Saints. As he sends Silver Saints against them, he receives words when they fall as well.

Eventually, he summon Gold Saint Miro to travel to Japan in order to exterminate the Bronze Saints at once. However, Aioria intervenes and asks for permission to go instead. Ares agrees, and have a talk with Miro about Aioria as soon as he leaves.

The battle of the twelve Houses

Ares is informed by Athena that she will come to the Sanctuary, and sends Ptolemy to guide her to the stairs leading up to his chambers, before shooting her with the golden arrow. As Saga slowly awaits Athena's death, the Bronze Saints rush to the Pope's Chambers

House of Gemini

Awaiting the Bronze Saints at the House of Gemini, Ares meditates and summons the Gemini Gold Cloth to deal with the intruders.

Grand Pope's Chambers

Gemini Saga