Whale Moses
Moses is the Whale Silver Saint sent to destroy the Bronze Saints.


Moses has very dark green hair and eyebrows, and a damaged left eye with a scar across.

His casual clothing is not seen, but while wearing his Cloth, he wears a blue outfit.


Moses is a very stubborn Saint, as well as brutal in his way of fighting, not hesitating to kill a woman.



Arriving at the beach along with Marin and Asterion, they discover that Misty has been killed and Seiya's body is nowhere to be found. As Marin thinks of a way to escape, Asterion remind her that he can read other people's thoughts, so it is no use to think of an escape. Attacking Moses, Marin is easily defeated by the Silver Saint's "Kaitos Spouting Bomber".


When Seiya appears, they attempt to finish him off, but the Bronze Saint deliver a powerful punch to Moses' chest. Rushing to Marin, Seiya is interrupted as Moses stand up before grabbing Seiya's fist as he attempts the same attack again.

Unleashing his "Kaitos Spouting Bomber", he wounds Seiya the same way he defeated Marin earlier.

As he attempts to use the technique once more, Seiya breaks free from the attack and retaliate after Moses taunts him about dying along with his sister, Marin. Being overwhelmed by such strength, Moses dies of the injuries sustained in battle.


Being a Silver Saint, Moses is able to launch attacks between Mach 2 and Mach 5, easily surpassing the Mach 1 speed of Bronze Saints.


Kaitos Spouting Bomber: Moses grabs his opponent and launches them up in the air, whirling them around. As they fall to the ground again, head first, Moses deals out a massive punch straight to the head, critically injuring his opponents.


Moses wears the Whale Silver Cloth, which covers his upper chest, lower legs, his lower right arm is fully covered, while his left lower arm is half covered, with a shield. A simple headgear covers his head and he has a belt around his waist.

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